Monthly Archives: April 2008

Updated for ’08 – Make Your osCommerce Faster

I just finished up the next osC Book update – ‘How To Make Your osCommerce Faster‘ – in this eBook I show a number of methods that will speed up your osCommerce store. Some of the changes are very simple, some are more advanced. This morning, I installed a brand new osCommerce RC2 and managed… Read More »

Adding un-necessary bells and whistles

Flash intros rock. Add two of them, and make sure you don’t put one of those annoying ‘Skip intro’ links at the bottom. Heck, if you did that nobody would see Uncle Joe’s mediocre flash skills. Then, when you finally let the three customers who are willing to sit through your crappy intro into your… Read More »

Selling Event Tickets via osCommerce

Wil asks; A customer would like to offer entry vouchers for events. Each voucher needs to have a unique ID so that they can be checked and redeemed at entry. Ideally a PDF file created automatically with for each on-line voucher and either emailed to the customer after purchase through paypal or a download area… Read More »

New Look for Site

Since I started the site in 2004, I’ve stuck with the same design until the last few weeks. The old design served it’s purpose fairly well, but was getting stale. 4 years, in internet terms is a VERY long time – so I decided that a “more modern” look was needed. After a bit of… Read More »

I need a designer

Mike asks; I need someone to design a template. Any recommendations? It’s pretty much possible to do anything in osCommerce, if the developer has enough skills – but there are not many osCommerce developers who are also great at design. It’s the old “left brain / right brain” scenario – so my suggestion would be… Read More »

Reversing the order of the cart contents

In the osCommerce forum, someone posed an interesting question; does anyone know how to reverse the order of the shopping cart dsiplay so that new products added will go onto the top of the list rather than the bottom. Having thought about the question for a minute or two, this actually makes perfect sense and… Read More »

Make a NEW featured product box

Mark asks; how would i go about re-coding [your featured product contribution] to keep the “new products for…” feature [and have the featured products in their own box]? Step 1: Rename the module (new_products.php) in the zip to “featured_products.php” Step 1a: Change the line of code in module “featured_products.php” from this; [php]$new_products_query = tep_db_query(“select p.products_featured,… Read More »

Help! Attributes, Templates, Stylesheet

Maureen asks; I have a sign and apparel shop, we sell tshirts and would like to do some interactive designs online. I can’t seem to find a good contribution to make this change within osc. OK, I’m guessing that you are trying to use the “products attributes” and you want to change the image of… Read More »

Error -12263 in osCommerce

Been seeing lots and lots of this error crop up recently in the osCommerce Forums.  I also had a client with this exact same problem… After a bit of investigation, the problem is that your /includes/configure.php file is calling resources from a SSL that does not exist. Example; and – but you have… Read More »

How Much Should I Pay?

Randy asks Hi, I want to have a nice looking website, I don’t know how much I should pay for a nice design. I have 3 quotes for a design ranging from $99 ! to over $1000 – for much the same thing. Any advice would be great. Randy, what you are asking is “how… Read More »