Monthly Archives: April 2008

Horrible or Awesome #8 – Product Descriptions

Completely leave out product descriptions All your customers need is a blurry, browser resized, stretched picture of your product. They don’t need to know its features, limitations, or comparisons to other products. Hey, if they knew all that they would probably go buy the other guys widget right? Don’t describe your product at all. Be… Read More »

New look for osC Books – check it out!

After 4 years, I decided that osC Books was a very stale design – so this morning, I rebranded it!  Have a look at and let me know what you think. I’ve tried to give it a more “modern” look and feel – as well as make it easier to navigate – I’ve also… Read More »

Just a few products? Dump the categories…

Years back I had a client who had only a few products in his store. Rather than use the category infoBox I rewrote it to simply give a direct link to each product. It’s funny that I was looking at that store the other day (it’s on the Hot 100 list), and today someone in… Read More »

oscmax zencart creloaded – bewildered!

Henry asks; I am about to set up an OSC site but which one to use Oscmax, CREloaded, Zencart CRE seem to have the best support but I like the Xshop software that goes with OSCmax. None of the above! Why not go with a standard install of osCommerce and then add the functionality you… Read More »

Top 100 Script – not an update!

I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the script that I am using to power the “Hot 100” list. It’s basically a script which was coded for me, which I call “5 Starred“. At the moment, it costs $20, but I have it on offer at 1 Month – present price is just $2.00,… Read More »

Featured Products in osCommerce

One of the very finest things you can do to make your customers experience better is to point them at your special offers and featured products. In standard osCommerce, the “New Products” box on the first page is pretty useless – it’s just a list of the latest 9 products added. My idea is to… Read More »

Passing $cPath thru Advanced Search…

In the official osCommerce Forum, someone asked for the ability to pass the $cPath variable through the Advanced Search Result “link” for each product. Basically, instead of a direct link to a product, eg: product_info.php?products_id=10, he wanted product_info.php?cPath=3_11&products_id=10 The example obviously assumes that Product 10, is inside Subcategory 11 which is inside Category 3. Got… Read More »