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Green Template Problems, Green to osCommerce

Francis asks Hi there!  I just downloaded your template and installed it on my newly created oscommerce site.  I’m pretty new to this, so please be patient.  But now when I visit the site, it’s blank???  Everything is fine on the admin side.  Not sure what to do.  Any suggestions? As you are installing on… Read More »

osCommerce on localhost Tutorial

I just finished up the “osCommerce on localhost” package and it has been tested by a handful of people.  So I’d like to introduce the “osCommerce on localhost” tutorial over at This package auto installs the following onto your windows computer: PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin osCommerce osCommerce with STS Already got an osCommerce Store… Read More »

Vouchers, Tax and Open Source

My discount contribution is a great success – it’s been downloaded thousands of times and I’ve installed it on at least 20 live shops.  But it has/had a glaring ommission – TAX – and for a good reason… However, people like to say things such as; I was just wondering why the tax calculation has… Read More »

osCommerce and PHP 5

Loretta asks; I hope you can give a piece of advice regarding whether osCommerce v2.2 ms2 will work with PHP 5.2.5? I new to osCommerce and my client’s shop is v2.2 ms2 – live for 4 years. The hosting company will be moving all their servers to this newer version of PHP by December, January… Read More »

osCommerce Breadcrumb Tips

Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trails are a navigation technique used in user interfaces. Its purpose is to give users a way to keep track of their location within programs or documents. The term is taken from the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale. In osCommerce, the breadcrumb is made up… Read More »

Changing the Logo

Changing the Logo of a standard install of osCommerce is really easy – all you need to do is upload a new file to overwrite the exisitng file called store-logo.png In this example, I have added a stripey green background to the area where the logo resides – in order to demonstrate what I mean;… Read More »

Top 100 Update

Haven’t had an update for a good few weeks, so let’s do that – the Top 100 osCommerce sites; The Top 5 as at 9am on 3rd may 2008 are; TexereSilk Prodotti Tipici e vini piemontesi Click A Deal Breast Pumps Store Arabella Miller These are the 5 Hottest Stores right now, according to the… Read More »

Change Header Background Colour Per Category

Interesting questions posed at the osCommerce Forum; i want to make the header color change when the visitor selects a main category. each main category should have it’s own color. My reply; Use a switch on $current_category_id with a stylesheet named the same number. In depth; We know that $current_category_id gives the ID of the… Read More »

How to know what Version of osCommerce you are using…

A question that gets asked almost daily in the osCommerce forum is; What version of osCommerce am I using? I can understand why this is so difficult for users to know…with osCommerce being an open source product, it’s possible to get osCommerce from lots of different “vendors” (free or otherwise). I’ve seen osCommerce packages on… Read More »