Monthly Archives: June 2008

Modules in osCommerce – making them interactive

Sometimes you might want to show a Payment or Shipping Module based on other factors. A few examples; Only show Paypal payment method if USPS shipping is chosen. Only show Flat Rate Shipping if number of items in cart is less than three Only show USPS if the total purchase value exceeds $500 I’m sure… Read More »

Affiliate Scheme launched on osCommerce Books

Hi all, I’ve been running an affiliate scheme on for some years, on which I paid 33% commission. Recently I swapped the site over to a new look and a new payment/delivery processor. At the same time as I updated the website, I decided to reward affiliates by paying 50% commissions for a 3… Read More »

Orange and Grey button set

Spent some time cleaning out some old files from my computer and came across loads of old osCommerce bits and pieces of codes, projects, graphics and what-not. Here’s a button set that I vaguely recall making: Any good to anyone? Download the full zip file of these Grey/Orange buttons here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a… Read More »

More Questions about Discount Vouchers

Patrick asks; We are looking for a gift voucher module with the following abilities: 1. Able to create a coupon code that can be used for everyone (also customers that have not yet signed up). 2. The coupon has a worth example 5 dollars 3. This can only be used one time only per customer… Read More »

Web Hosting Upgrade Problems with osCommerce

Ron asks; I am looking at web hosting co. It seems a lot of them do not have the current versions of: phpmyadmin, oscommerce, mysql. Can this be a problem?? If so what kind of problem?? Most hosting companies should by now have upgraded to PHP5 and MySQL5. If so, you need to use the… Read More »

Protx Live Service Upgrade on 22nd June 2008

ProtX are making some chganges to their IP address range, so if you use ProtX please read this. To check if your site is using the correct URL, simply download and open /includes/modules/payment/protx_*.php (there might be one or there might be two). Make sure that the URL being used in each begins with Easy… Read More »

osCommerce – What’s New Here

Steve asks; I have been using osC for a few years now and have been very happy with it except for a few minor things. The one thing that I could change to greatly improve osC’s usefulness (at least to me) is this: Is there a way to add products to the site that do… Read More »

Questions about Discount Vouchers

Aravot asks; Looking for a discount / coupon contribution found your site, was wondering if your contribution creates and sends coupon to customer upon registration and when customer uses the coupon, it deletes it from db. If your contribution doesn’t do the above do you know any that does. Aravot, my version of this does… Read More »

A few kind words…brightens the day

It’s always great to receive kind words from people that I have done work for or who are pleased with my efforts in helping the osCommerce Community. No fake testimonials on this website! “fast service, the day we asked to install the contribution gary got it working on our site … easy communication and great… Read More »

Next update to discount vouchers

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this. – At the moment I am working on a “date” function for the Discount Vouchers contribution. Basically when a coupon is set up, the store owner will be able to choose… Read More »