Monthly Archives: July 2008

Product Lists in osCommerce

Some time ago on one of my other blogs, I spoke about my frustration with how osCommerce lists products. It’s a mish-mash of 4 or 5 different ways. To see what I am talking about have a look at this (New Products for Month), then this (New Products Page), then this (Products of a certain… Read More »

Are you an existing customer?

I suspect that most store owners would like their customers to purchase more than once – I know that I like people to purchase my products as often as possible! I’ve never really explored the avenue of “returning customers” to any great degree. My idea this morning is to optimise the checkout (covered in a… Read More »

Let’s see what we have here

“Let’s see what we have here” – a piece of text that shows as the title in each of your category pages. Absolutely useless! You should change this to something more interesting and useful (in terms of user experience and SEO) such as the title of the category – doing this is very simple… Open… Read More »

Nested Tables in osCommerce

Because osCommerce was originally conceived in the late 90s/early 00s it was written without much thought to the underlying codebase – which is why everything is created using “tables”. So, I thought it might be nice to have a recurring series of posts showing how to get rid of some of the tables from osCommerce.… Read More »

Add an icon to shipping quotes in osCommerce

This is a super simple little modification that you can use to draw attention to your preferred method of shipping… What we are going to do is add an icon to the “flat rate” quote, so that instead of looking like this: It will look like this: Step 1: Make your icon This is easy… Read More »

Deconstructing an osCommerce Shipping Module

Shipping is just about the easiest thing to learn to code in osCommerce – what I am going to do in this post is deconstruct a shipping module so that you learn a little bit about how it works… The module we are looking at is /includes/modules/shipping/flat.php – starting from the bottom I will attempt… Read More »

YOUR oscommerce site on YOUR home computer

I’m now offering a new service whereby I “mirror” your live oscommerce site onto your own home computer. There are many reasons why you would want to do this, one of the most important being the fact that you will always have a backup should any of your live files become corrupted.  You also will… Read More »

Recording IP address in osCommerce

Alan asks; Is it possible to record the ip address of each sale? Alan, yes it is. But it is not standard osCommerce procedure to do so. Adding an IP address recorder is really easy and is a simple modification that amnyone, and I mean ANYONE can make. There is a couple of IP contributions… Read More »

Gift Wrapping in osCommerce

Chris writes; I was thinking that it would be great if you make a constribution that It will add a checkbox on the checkout about a giftwrap. Also under this option it would be good a textbox so the customer can leave a message to be in the card outside of the giftwrap.. you can… Read More »

Donate The Change to Charity – osCommerce

A new contribution which allows your buyer to “round up” his order to the next nearest whole dollar/euro/pound etc. So instead of paying say $96.32, they can “round up” to $97.00 – and you, the shop owner would then do whatever you want (donate to charity I’d assume!) with the extra 0.68. Only tested on… Read More »