Sponsor needed – Shipping Date in osCommerce

All – I recently made a shipping date modification for a client, you can see it in action on this video (You Tube).

It basically adds a shipping date for the customer to choose when their order should be delivered. The store owner can set any date range (eg, start 2 days from order date, 1 day from order date, until 2 weeks into the future, a month in the future, turn off weekends etc). The date gets recorded as part of the order and can be seen in Admin and in the customers account when he/she logs in. It works pretty well!

Someone contacted me about it as they needed such a modification – I contacted my customer to ask if I could re-use the code I made for them and my customer said “yes”. Since then I have not heard from the person who contacted me wanting it, which is a bit annoying to say the least.

So, if anyone needs such a modification, I can spend some time to go through my customers files to make a usable contribution – however, to do this, I need a sponsor who is willing to pay me for my time. Once I’ve sanitised the files, I’ll upload it to the contributions area of osCommerce, and your name/url will be listed as the sponsor of the work.

If you are willing to sponsor an hour of my time, throw me an email, my email address is up there ^

Hot 100 Update – we have 100!

I haven’t made a Hot 100 blog post for a while, so now is the time, particularly as we surpassed 100 extraordinary osCommerce sites! The other day I added a few more sites which brought the total to 101 – now I have to work out a way to only show the Top 100…

My idea is to show maybe 110 or so, with the bottom 10 being in a “sandbox” – these will be votable into the Top 100. Each time I then add a new site, the site at the bottom of the “sandbox” will be bumped. I think that should work well.

Current Standings

ONO Tea (6.3/10 with 61 votes cast)
Prodotti tipici e vini piemontesi (5.5/10 with 563 votes cast)
Mobili e arredamento – decoracasa.ch (4.8/10 with 363 votes cast)
LojaMac.com (4.6/10 with 218 votes cast)
TexereSilk Online Store (4.2/10 with 545 votes cast)

My personal favourite

My favourite at this point lies at #6 and is Holte Vinlager – there are some exceptional features on this store – check out the custom bottle builder feature. Whoever built it, well done!

Deleting Sites from the list

I’ve also had to delete a couple stores due to persistent vote rigging – I really don’t know why people do this. It’s sad.

Users adding stores to the list

Many thanks to those of you who have added stores for inclusion on the list – I’ve added lots of stores by your recommendations. However, people (usually the store owner) are adding stores that are;

~ not osCommerce
~ standard install of osCommerce

Please don’t bother – I delete them as these show nothing exceptional about osC. Thanks!

Category Links in Main Page & Jagged Pictures

Suf writes;

How can I create category links with pictures in the main section of the home page? The category links are currently in the left column with no pictures. That is fine for other pages in the cart, but the home page should have the categories in main section.

This contribution should do it.

Most of the product pictures are very bad unless they are clicked on and enlarged. After reading some posts on your blog, I think this is because we don’t have the correct thumbnail versions of the pictures.

That is the exact reason – osCommerce just compacts the large image using width and height attributes – making them look awful when small thumbnail.

I downloaded your Club osCommerce Easy Thumbnail contribution, but I am not sure if I can use it because our shopping cart is not unmodified. Can I still use it?

You can use the large/small image mod I made, you would need to incorporate the code changes into your own files – the best way to do this is to use a program called “Beyond Compare”. I also offer an install service should that be of help – it doesn’t matter how much you’ve changed your files, I’ll make it fit – email me if you need me to give you a price for this.

Good luck! Gary

Boo Hoo Hoo

Note that this was a comment from “Jason” who didn’t have the balls to leave a real email address – anonymity is the sort of BS that I hate. So, as I cannot answer him by email…

Jason writes;

When are you going to have the WORKING version available to OSC users for free. Basically your original contribution you uploaded to OSC dosen’t work properly (tax calculation) and now your asking people to pay for a working version??? The reason people use OSC is besacuse it’s free!!! No one wants to pay for an install!!!! I didn’t think this was the purpose of “Open Source”???

No Jason, you just didn’t think. GPL has zero to do with cost. You might like to read the GPL website, particularly this page: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html

The version uploaded is the version that I wrote for MY needs. After loads of people moaned, I made a new version which includes tax calculations. Unfortunately the tax calculation was slightly out, so needed recoding (for certain osCommerce set ups) – it’s only this week that it seems to work for most, repeat MOST stores.

Now, if every module and code released was perfect, there would be NO osCommerce – everything is a work in progress. Obviously that’s something you have not thought about.

It’s pretty frustrating to people who spend time installing this, trying to figure out how to get the taxes configured correctly, then learning you want $50 to install a version that works. If you would just upload the “WORKING” version with or without instructions I bet we could figure out how to install it. Speaking of that, who are these people that had problems installing this??? When was it available on OSC???

What’s frustrating is people like you – supposedly running a professional business – who cannot accept that I also am running a business. Are you going to give away all the products on your osCommerce website for free? No, I thought not. So, what’s the difference with me asking for a contribution towards my cost and time?

Once I am completely happy with the codebase, I will release it on the osCommerce website – until then you wait. Or you pay for an install. Or, you take the open source code that is already available, go to a coder who will make the code changes you need and then you can donate the working code to the project. Or you can just make anonymous comments and act like a troll 😉

Printable List Of Products & Thumbnails

Anna asks;

I have on my website over 500 lines & growing, & I was wondering if there is anywhere in oscommerce I can produce (print out) a products list for people that haven’t got access to a computer that wants to order from a catalogue. I really don’t want to do this manually as it would take for ever.

There are a few contributions that already exist which you can use to make this, here’s one I found;

Add a Printable Catalog

There’s probably lots more – have a search.

Also how do I get rid of “click to enlarge” as my products don’t appear larger if it is clicked on.

The best way is to give each of your images a small and large size. The small size would be used almost everywhere in osCommerce (aka thumb nail) and the large size would be used in the pop-up from the product page. I’ve written about this previously (link) and suggest that my own small/large image modification (link) is the easiest solution to use.

How to show Tax in osCommerce

Tax is complicated!  osCommerce makes it relatively easy to set up, but there are some nuances that you need to be aware of…

I suspect that most stores will want to show prices with taxes included, in other words, show a £99.99 (incl tax), £85.10 (excl tax) as £99.99.  The example assume a UK pounds product, based on a 17.5% tax rate (which is the UK rate of VAT).

Creating  a Tax Zone – let’s look at how to set this up.

Step 1:  Create a UK Tax Zone in Locations/Taxes > Tax Zones

Step 2: Insert the UK and all the other countries that you need to charge tax to inside the Tax Zone.  This is done by selecting the Tax Zone you set up in step 1 and pressing “insert”.  Select all the countries you need to.

Step 3:  Create a Tax Class – this is usually already done in most osCommerce stores – it’s called “Taxable Goods”

Step 4: Set up a 17.5% tax rate and select the Zone you made in Step 1.

Step 5:  If you wish to charge shipping with Tax, you will need to update each shipping module that you use!

Done!  Now you need to update all your products to use the “Tax Class” you just made.  This is done using the dropdown slection near the price input fields.

In Configuration > My Store > Display Prices with Tax, set this to true.  This will show your product prices INCLUSIVE of tax.  This will be done throughout the store, including in the checkout procedure.  This is where many Store owners don’t understand the tax calculations…so let’s look at an example;

Sub Total:  £450.00
Postage:  £32.00
Tax:  £71.79
Total: £482.00

As you can see, the look of this is all wrong!  The tax amount is NOT 17.5% of the total!  It is actually about 14.9% – this is because all the prices are inclusive of Tax, thus:

Sub Total:  £450.00 (includes tax of £67.02)
Postage:  £32.00 (includes tax of £4.77)
Tax:  £71.79 (is £67.02 + £4.77)
Total: £482.00 (is £450.00 + £32.00)

Now, if we look at setting Configuration > My Store > Display Prices with Tax, to false, the display will look like this:

Sub Total:  £382.98
Postage:  £27.23
Tax:  £71.79
Total: £482.00

This is much easier to understand for the layman – and most people buying from your store really will have no idea how tax is worked out!  However, it’s always best to show prices including Tax (unless of course, you have no tax to charge, or you sell business to business).


If you ever have to explain your tax charges to anyone, and you Display Prices with Tax “true”, then you need to try to make your buyers understand that the product prices that they see INCLUDE tax and that they should not base any tax implications on the final total that they are charged.

Clear Pending Baskets

Charles asks;

I have a small question to ask since I am getting back into another oscommerce project after about two years of inactivity: how does someone clears pending [temporary] baskets in oscommerce ?

You need to delete all the rows in the following database tables;


that should do what you want!