Monthly Archives: July 2008

Sponsor needed – Shipping Date in osCommerce

All – I recently made a shipping date modification for a client, you can see it in action on this video (You Tube). It basically adds a shipping date for the customer to choose when their order should be delivered. The store owner can set any date range (eg, start 2 days from order date,… Read More »

Hot 100 Update – we have 100!

I haven’t made a Hot 100 blog post for a while, so now is the time, particularly as we surpassed 100 extraordinary osCommerce sites! The other day I added a few more sites which brought the total to 101 – now I have to work out a way to only show the Top 100… My… Read More »

Category Links in Main Page & Jagged Pictures

Suf writes; How can I create category links with pictures in the main section of the home page? The category links are currently in the left column with no pictures. That is fine for other pages in the cart, but the home page should have the categories in main section. This contribution should do it.… Read More »

Boo Hoo Hoo

Note that this was a comment from “Jason” who didn’t have the balls to leave a real email address – anonymity is the sort of BS that I hate. So, as I cannot answer him by email… Jason writes; When are you going to have the WORKING version available to OSC users for free. Basically… Read More »

Printable List Of Products & Thumbnails

Anna asks; I have on my website over 500 lines & growing, & I was wondering if there is anywhere in oscommerce I can produce (print out) a products list for people that haven’t got access to a computer that wants to order from a catalogue. I really don’t want to do this manually as… Read More »

How to show Tax in osCommerce

Tax is complicated!  osCommerce makes it relatively easy to set up, but there are some nuances that you need to be aware of… I suspect that most stores will want to show prices with taxes included, in other words, show a £99.99 (incl tax), £85.10 (excl tax) as £99.99.  The example assume a UK pounds… Read More »

Clear Pending Baskets

Charles asks; I have a small question to ask since I am getting back into another oscommerce project after about two years of inactivity: how does someone clears pending [temporary] baskets in oscommerce ? You need to delete all the rows in the following database tables; customers_basket customers_basket_attributes that should do what you want!