Monthly Archives: August 2008

Making your shop “bulletproof”…

Nice post in the offical osCommerce forum from user “Spooks” talking about security implications for osCommerce stores… You can prevent any injection attacks with Security Pro: You can monitor sites for unauthorised changes with SiteMonitor: You can block elicit access attempts with IP trap: You can add htaccess protection: You can… Read More »

Header Images Per Category (again!)

Ryan says; I want to have header images display per category, how can I do this. I already have made a script buts its really repetitive. The code Ryan had come up with was really quite complicated, repetitive and pointless. My idea is like this: [php][/php] We know that the function called tep_image is used… Read More »

Remove Tax from Shipping

Lindsay asks; My store is charging tax on the shipping. I believe the tax is charged on the product and the shipping is added. How do I switch it to do so? I’ve done it before but I don’t remember what files to change. Thanks! If you do not want to charge tax on your… Read More »

Zone Shipping By Percent of Order Total

Theo asks; Does anyone know if a contrib exists that will calculate shipping cost as a percentage of an order dependant on destination, for example: 5% in UK – 15% in Europe – 25% Overseas I don’t think there is any contribution that allows this, as it is quite complicated and beyond the scope of… Read More »

Sorting the Customer Table (Admin in osCommerce)

If your shop is like mine, you have lots of customers, which is a good thing. However, the customers screen in the admin could be better. So what I have come up with is a new way to sort the customers table…in fact it’s an old way, but using 2008 technology instead of hard coded… Read More »

Discount Coupon Help

Julie writes; I am having a terrible time with the install… (yes I’m willing to pay for help). I have followed all the directions, and have double checked everything many times to make sure everything was in the correct place. The coupon registers in the session, and everything works except the discount does not show… Read More »

Country State Selection in create_account.php

Azad writes; I executed the file I have attached with this mail — with phpmyadmin. [note, this was a listing of the zones of India]. The process was successful. I am getting the zones when I click on zone where the store is located in Admin area. My main motto of doing this was I… Read More »

Remove a Table – Best Sellers InfoBox

Here is an easy way to remove a table without any unwanted side effects. Open up /includes/boxes/best_sellers.php and find: [php]$rows = 0; $bestsellers_list = ‘ ‘; while ($best_sellers = tep_db_fetch_array($best_sellers_query)) { $rows++; $bestsellers_list .= ‘ ‘ . tep_row_number_format($rows) . ‘. ‘ . $best_sellers[‘products_name’] . ‘ ‘; } $bestsellers_list .= ‘ ‘; $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[]… Read More »

Support for Ship Date Contribution

This is the support thread for the soon to be released “Club osCommerce Ship Date” Contribution. This contribution is quite an easy install, only affecting the following files: account_history_info.php checkout_confirmation.php checkout_payment.php checkout_process.php checkout_shipping.php includes/classes/order.php includes/languages/english/account_history_info.php includes/languages/english/checkout_confirmation.php includes/languages/english/checkout_shipping.php admin/orders.php admin/includes/classes/order.php admin/includes/languages/english/orders.php Also, 1 small change in the database. And a few extra files to control the… Read More »

Payment Module Help

Troi asks; In the checkout payment area of OS I have two radio buttons coming up. one for paypal and one for money order, cheque and bank details. I just want to split the radio buttons .. so there’s one for each. I did find info on this at one point but i can’t bloody… Read More »