Monthly Archives: August 2008

Is an Account needed when checking out in osCommerce

Amy asks; I’ve been trying to find out if it is necessary to have a customer create an account in order to purchase through the shopping cart. With standard osCommerce, the answer is “yes, an account needs to be created”. However, it is simple to wrap this up as part of the checkout procedure by… Read More »

ocPos – point of sale for osCommerce

Lots of people have been emailing me about Point of Sale systems for osCommerce – my good friend Jared Call owns and runs a company which specialises in POS – his product is called “ocPos”. I approached Jared and asked him to write me up some information for this blog…enjoy! OllaCart (ocPOS) is geared specifically… Read More »

Shipping date for OSC

Dave writes; I need a customer selectable shipping calendar for my site. Please let me know if you have a contribution version. I have coded a nice clean version of “shipping date” for a client, but it is not yet available as a contribution as I have not had time to rip apart my clients… Read More »

osCommerce Makeover Service

You did a truly wonderful job!! The credit card images are great, I just love how that looks, and the add on for the specials is awesome. I am so happy that I found you in the forums, and I will definitely call on you first in the future if I need anything else done.… Read More »

Discount Cooupon Update Video

Here is that video I promised to upload today. It’s a bit small, but I guess you’ll get the general idea, it’s only about 40 seconds long with no sound (in case you are at work). Basically, I added 2 new columns: Uses: this shows the number of times that the coupon has been used.… Read More »

osCommerce Discount Coupons Contribution Update

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this. – Over the past few months of usage of my Discount Coupon Contribution, a number of ideas have been presented to me for updates, and the one idea that keeps being… Read More »

Your Shops Country pre-selected in the Countries List

This is a really easy change that should take you not more than 10 seconds to complete – and it will give your site visitors a better experience when creating an account. We know that most stores sell to their own countrymen. USA stores tend to sell most to USA nationals, UK to UK, Ozzies… Read More »

Making osCommerce Customers Page More Useful

My oldest osCommerce site has literally hundreds of customers – and using the customers.php page in the Admin section is getting to be a real chore. Years back I contributed a “sorter” for the customers page which I coded up really quickly and without any thought to how it was coded – here – 6… Read More »

Make the forms nicer in osCommerce

osCommerce and most other ecommerce scripts make a lot of use of forms. They can be found all over the place including most of the checkout procedure, product_info, login, create_account and so on. And forms are damnable ugly. So, my idea was to hunt out some code that would replace the standard ugly form elements… Read More »