Monthly Archives: August 2008

Sexy Best Sellers in osCommerce

I’ve been wanting to “jazz up” the boring osCommerce interface for a while. So I took some time out today to make the “Best Sellers” a little sexier…going from this: To this: Much better, isn’t it? No, I hear you say…what’s the point in just showing 1 image? OK, so how about if I showed… Read More »

Lavalamp Breadcrumb in osCommerce

Rick asks; I can tell from your posts that you are familiar with jquery. What would you charge to make this work with my oscommerce store: I would like this implimented into the breadcrumb trail. I tried it a few different ways. If you do not have time to take on any more work…… Read More »

How To Show Special Price More Clearly

This question was asked in the official osCommerce forum: How can i make it so in product_info it shows original price, discount price and percentage off? The question asker also linked to a website, which I won’t link to, but will show a partial screenshot of what he/she wants osCommerce to do: My answer was… Read More »

Nice Words!

Your books are amazing and in all honestly everyone that no nothing about this stuff should really use them. I have learnt so much in the past couple of weeks just from those and your blog then I have done in months on searching info out. Nothing better than to find an email from someone… Read More »

IF something do this ELSE do that

Did that title make any sense to you? Basically it’s saying; IF (something is true) do “this” ELSE (something is false) so do “that” Let’s put that into as clear english as I can, using a simple example; IF (you want to learn how to make a good looking osCommerce Store) buy an eBook ELSE… Read More »

Amazon Checkout => osCommerce

I’m pretty sure that almost every reader of this blog will know what “Google Checkout” is. Well, Amazon have just released their own version, read more. Checkout by AmazonTM is a complete ecommerce checkout solution that provides your customers with the same secure and trusted checkout experience available on today. It offers unique features… Read More »