Monthly Archives: October 2008

What is a sponsor?

You may have noticed that I ask for Sponsors and Advertisers. I’ve had a few queries as to what this entails, so here’s the lowdown; Sponsors A sponsor is someone who sees me talking about code on this blog and thinks “I could use that!”. I generally come up with ideas for code and sometimes… Read More »

Donate To Charity – Reloaded!

OK, so it was brought to my attention that my system only is available at the same time as purchasing a product. There is a good reason for this => it’s an order_total module so it needs to have an order made to process it – and standard osCommerce does not allow an order to… Read More »

Donate To Charity – proof of concept – osCommerce

As per my mini blog post last night, here is a working version of a different version of my “Donate To Charity” codebase. This version is completely different to the “Charity Round Up” module which was sponsored by Lindsay – as this version allows the buyer to insert an amount to donate whilst on the… Read More »

Code one thing, and find a solution for another

Over in the osCommerce forum, someone is after a “donation” contribution whereby a buyer can insert an amount to donate which will then be added to the cart total. I guessed that a competent(ish) coder should be able to get something workable within half a days worth of coding time. So I set out to… Read More »

Cookies, Links, Session IDs

Cheri asks; I have an extra text box on my index page and I would like to add hyperlinks. I’m told that the HTML may cause problems, including the possibility of my customer’s carts getting emptied and/or logging the customer out. Do you agree with this? And what issues would forcing cookies possibly cause? Please… Read More »

No cash? So barter!

I would imagine that 90% of people who run stores using osCommerce are doing it as a one-man trade or a part-time adventure. This means that there is a lot of scope for getting stuff for “free”… At the moment I am updating one of my osCommerce shops to a new design. I needed a… Read More »

Problems Installing Coupons

Will asks; I install you’re cintri into my shop (latest version voor de latest OSC shop) I seem everything isworking at the backside from the shop, meaning i can type in a name for the voucher and a number (price or %) – At the from i see a block say “if you have a… Read More »