Monthly Archives: November 2008

Surprise, surprise! Wishlist and osCommerce

I really love getting stuff through the post that I have not ordered, I bet you do too! So, here is what I propose to all my readers and anyone else who uses osCommerce; You purchase something from my Amazon Wishlist, and I will give you TRIPLE credit against any of my osCommerce eBooks (from… Read More »

Apply a Discount Coupon Automatically

I found a really interesting question at the osCommerce forum; Does anyone know how i would have a certain discount coupon redeem automatically (for example when the customer logs in)? So that the user does not have to manually enter it anymore at checkout and sees his discount from the moment he logs in. This… Read More »

COD only if Coupon is live

A previous post introduced the idea of making modules in osCommerce “interactive” based upon other inputs… Stefan asks; What I need is for the COD Method of payment to work only with a valid voucher. In other words you cannot use the COD Method of payment without first entering a valid voucher code. I had… Read More »

Coupons for MS2

I spent some time and got my Coupons Version 5 working with older osCommerce – MS2. So now you can have one coupons even if you are running an outdated version of osC. Get in touch if you need this.

Hacked osCommerce? Here’s some essential reading…

Having your site hacked is a PITA. It can be far worse if you weren’t prepared… Step One: preparing to recover from an attack First off, store an entire set of working files locally. This should be a set of files that has never been off your computer so that you know that they have… Read More »

Zones Module in osCommerce

Quite often, people don’t realise that it is really easy to increase the number of “zones” in the Zones (or Tables) shipping modules in osCommerce. I only charge a flat fee for shipping. One fee is charged to US customers and another fee is charged to international customers. I wanted to use the flat fee… Read More »

Coupons Version 5.0

In my last post about my Coupons system, I signed off by saying this: V5 – in the pipeline Minimum Spend per coupon. A “use once, one time” coupon. Once that is done, I can then look at the flip side of discount coupons, which is “gift vouchers. I’m glad to say that both of… Read More »

Garys Process for Building osCommerce

Joe asks; …was wondering if you have a process you could share which lists the order of doing things for a new site, including the most popular add ons. I keep having to hand code everything mainly due to the fact I have done things in the wrong order and end up breaking previous contribs…… Read More »