Monthly Archives: December 2008

Upgrading to RC2a

As Liuk rightly pointed out, upgrading from an older version of osCommerce to the latest version is not straightforward. There is at least 5 steps that need to be done: multiple version upgrades, database upgrades. database transfers etc. The existing shop that I am upgrading is based on the osCommerce 2.2-MS2 architecture (which is now… Read More »

Live rework of an osCommerce site

Here’s an idea that might be interesting to some of you who struggle with how to design osCommerce. How about if I take a LIVE osCommerce site and update it to rc2. Then day by day, add a design feature until I eventually end up with a unique site. I’ll blog about it daily, and… Read More »

Attributes, Options, osCommerce

In standard osCommerce, the product options system (aka attributes) is almost completely useless. The reason for this is obvious – attributes cannot be linked together to make a meaningful “sub-product”. Eg: T-shirt – 12 in stock, of which: 3 are blue, large, round neck 4 are red, large, v-neck 2 are blue, small, round-neck 3… Read More »

Make the New Products for Month more useful

I’ve previously posted about this particular module, about replacing it with featured products, or special offers or whatever. Here is another idea that I came up with last night… How about only showing products that were added to your store within the last 30 days? And having those 30 days “update” automatically? Well, it’s very… Read More »

Multiple Per Item Shipping Modules

Kalidas asks; I am using oscommerce2.2 default package for e-commerce site development. One of my client wants to ship his product in Per Item module but costing in two modes like Ground Delivery $5.00 and Rush Delivery $10.00. In Per Item module, there is only one Shipping Cost named “Best Way” (can be changed to… Read More »

Shipping Modules are fun to code

Here is a question from a client; Im setting a a new oscommerce website and cant seem to get the shipping working. I would need to have about 5 zones. Each zone would contain different countries. For each zone there is a basic rate per pound. eg $35 . Each additional pound cost $5 etc… Read More »

Interesting Code Question

Over in the osCommerce forum, Stephan asked; Take gflash01.gif gflash02.gif gflash03.gif … gflash10.gif Then line up the 10 pics next to each other with a 5px space between them and make the website dispay them in a random order. They are white flash/fading gifs with the same name but different flash/fade times. My goal is… Read More »

Stop People Checking Out? Huh?

Interesting question posed at the osCommerce forum; All my products are 5lbs each. Is there a way to set a minimum order of 10lbs. This would mean they have to purchase a minimum of two items (2 of the same product or 2 different products). Is there a way in the USPS shipping module or… Read More »

Helping your customers to make a buying decision

Have you ever thought how easy it is for potential customers NOT to buy from you? How do you get around that? Today I received this email from a shop: It is soon Christmas. We are counting down to the great day, 24th of December. Today only 16 days left, that give you 16% discount… Read More »