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Hot 100 – the best themed osCommerce shops

Quick update on the Hot 100 as I haven’t done this for a while. As of right now, the top 5 are; 1. 4.34/10 2. PC Studio 4.27/10 3. ONO Tea 3.61/10 4. 3.51/10 5. The Safari Clothing Store 3.42/10 Congratulations to these 5 outstanding shops! I’m adding probably only 3 or 4… Read More »

Show Firstname and Surname in osCommerce greeting

When an existing customer logs into your osCommerce shop, a nice little message is displayed, like this: Welcome back John! Would you like to see which new products are available to purchase? Obviously assumes that you have not removed or amended this message! In the osCommerce forum someone requested that the message show both firstname… Read More »

Special Offer ending soon

All, the Special Offer I’ve been offering to clubosc readers is ending soon, end of this month. Please see here for more details of my osCommerce eBooks offer. if you have any interest in learning how to make your osCommerce site better looking, consider buying before the Offer ends as it will save you at… Read More »

Show Stock Availability in osCommerce Product Info

Dana asks; Im trying to show the amount of items that I have available on each product page please help This is an often asked question and is really simple to do. Open up product_info.php and add this code somewhere: [php][/php] This is a standard php function and will output (in numbers) the amount of… Read More »

osCommerce v3 – released

Well almost 😉 Apparently v3.0 of osCommerce is near to release, here’s a paragraph from HPDL; …look forward to making 2009 an even better year with osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0, with a production-ready release of the new core engine being made in February… So, v3 should be out there, accessible by all, by the end… Read More »

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List of osCommerce Experts

Here is a list of people who I feel have enough about them to be considered “experts in osCommerce” – I have specifically excluded those people who know lots about osCommerce, but only run their own shops – in other words, all of the people listed below are “available for hire”. All of these people… Read More »

Split an image into the breadcrumb

“M” asks; Is it possible to replace “Top” with an image, and not effect the rest of the breadcrumbs; I mean not cause the colored background increase in height. Rephrasing…is it possible to overlay and image, that would replace “Top” on the breadcrumb line so that I could surround the image in a matching square… Read More »

Update on ClubosC Discount Coupon System

Had more than a few enquiries asking as to the present status on my Discount/Coupon System, so here goes; It is presently at Version 5.0. Installation is available on any shop, however modified. v5 is suitable for both RC versions of osCommerce and MS versions of osCommerce. It is also suitable for the “osCommerce Project”… Read More »

Show Products Ordered on Order Summary

Yesterday an osCommerce client of mine asked me to come up with some code for showing what the person had ordered WITHOUT having to click on the individual orders… So, I set to thinking and came up with the idea of showing the products ordered in the orders.php page. So, instead of seeing a normal… Read More »

Product Weight By Attribute

Theresa asks; We have products on os commerce that are sold in two different weights. As the product attribute only has a field for one weight, how can we add the variation in weights so that shipping costs are calculated properly? Assuming you are using the product attributes to differentiate between your product sizes/dimensions, there… Read More »