osCommerce Project

Meant to post this a while back, but forgot about it totally. What with “osCommerce” starting to lag behind in terms of development in the last few years, a bunch of people have taken the latest build of osCommerce, added a few bits and pieces and called it the osCommerce Project.

It’s basically a fork, though the people involved don’t like that word for some reason. The website is basically a rip off of osCommerce, and the name being used is a rip off of the osCommerce brand. All in all, not a great way to start life in my opinion.

However, let’s get past that – and talk about the actual people behind the project and the project itself…

Looks like Team Leader is vGer – well known in the osCommerce forum as a pain in the arse. Backed up by tomh, FWR Media, Chemo and Monika Mathe.

The project as it stands is a sham – it’s basically osCommerce, some stuff stripped out and some pointless contributions added. Seems as though NO thought went into what should have been served up first – GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME!

What of the future?

Well, I have no idea whether this fork will take off. I suspect that it will, if only based on the brand name – codewise I am not expecting wonders as the main coder (Chemo) has fingers in many pies so won’t be placing his full attention on the project I expect. The rest of the people are amateur code “hackers” and people who can’t code…

My advice is to avoid it. Let’s see what their first real release is like – hopefully it’ll be something that should have been seen (in the osCommerce brand) 3 or 4 years ago.

However, if you fancy giving it a go, the link for the site is up there ^^^ – pretty pointless right now as it is just osCommerce with a few contributions.

Introducing TEMPLATE ME – Template Monster WITH support

So, after some thinking I decided to give it a go – basically I am now a reseller of Template Monster – I am offering 1 hour free support on each purchase – support can be used over time so if you have a question a month after purchasing, that’s OK!

I set up a quick and easy homepage at !TEMPLATE ME! using a javascript interface. If it goes well, then I will look at making something a bit better using the Template Monster API.

So, what now?

I have no idea if my idea will work – maybe giving an hour of support is unviable – I really don’t know. But there’s no point in not trying.

Now I have to ask you all;

If you are thinking of purchasing an osCommerce Template from Template Monster, please consider buying via my site at !TEMPLATE ME!

If you know of anyone about to buy from Template Monster please recommend !TEMPLATE ME! to them ?

Thank You, Gary

Template Monster and osCommerce

Loads of people buy Template Monster templates, because they look good. But it’s difficult to get support for them as the codebase is hacked beyond belief by the people who TM use to integrate the good looking templates into osCommerce. On the official osCommerce forum, you MIGHT get help, but usually not.

My idea is to set up as a reseller of Template Monster, but my Unique Selling Point will be to also offer upto 1 hour of support time for every purchase. This way, buyers can end up with a decent template, and a small amount of support to get them started. Good idea, or not?

I’m not sure if there are presently ANY osCommerce experts who sell Template Monster designs – do you know of any?

Anyway, if the idea has “legs”, then what I would do is set up a quick TM store and a helpdesk, then ask you all to help promote the service 😉