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osc v3 – something brewing? 1 day to go?

I’ve never seen more than 1 Team Member on… and today there have been 3 already! Something brewing regards the promised release of v3 of osCommerce do you think? Forget “mother” as that’s just a generic team member who does nothing. The other two, “Yuen” and “Odom” don’t do much except to look after the… Read More »

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osCommerce Multiple Images using Fancy Box

The other day I spent some time “doing up” a site. I had a list of to-do’s and was basically given carte-blanche to do whatever was needed to make it work… One of the requests was the ability for some products to have more than 1 image in the pop-up. I know that there are… Read More »

Contribution Talk: QPBPP 1242

Whenever I use a pre-existing contribution, I’ll make a short blog post to let you know how the install went, and how easy the contribution is to install. Quantity Price Breaks Per Product (aka QPBPP),1242 The task was to install this on a very highly modified shop. This shops admin category page has at… Read More »

Paypal. osCommerce. Prices.

In general I really like osCommerce, but some areas of it are just dire. In particular, 2 areas of osCommerce really annoy me… Paypal Implementation All of the available Paypal modules bypass checkout_process.php ! The checkout_process.php file is a workhorse file that inserts the order into the database (as well as doing other things). Any… Read More »

ClubosC Discount System and WPosC

WP.osC (WP-osCommerce) is a modified version of osCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce solutions. The main difference between WP.osC and osCommerce, is that WP.osC uses the same Theme system as WordPress. Seems as though this is (another) fork of osCommerce. Anyway, I have been playing with this system for a couple of hours and… Read More »

How Much To Spend For Free Shipping

On the osCommerce Forum, Jim asks; I notice that oscommerce has the default ability to have all orders over a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. Is there a contribution that would add text to the effect of “You are only [X amount of money] away from qualifying for free shipping.” With the amount… Read More »

FAQ: Free Shipping in osCommerce

Another question that I see asked time after time is; How do set up osCommerce so that any order over £50 has free shipping? The easiest way is to go into your admin area > modules > order_total Now click on the shipping module, and press [edit]. This brings up a screen like this: The… Read More »

FAQ: remove infobox corners

osCommerce is kinda coded a bit clunky – we have to take into account that the majority of the codebase has not been updated in around 8 years. For this reson some things are done in osCommerce, which now, as webdesigners, we laugh at. But 8 years ago, it was almost cutting edge… A question… Read More »

Snow, not osCommerce

A post that is not about osCommerce! Apologies to regular readers for the lack of posts – here in the UK we’ve been having “severe” weather problems with snow (which is something that we are simply not used to). My ISP decided to give up and has only in the last couple of days been… Read More »