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Minimum weight to Checkout

In the official osCommerce Forum, Paul asks; … I need to prevent any customer that has not got a minimum total weight in their cart from proceeding through the checkout; does anyone have any ideas on how this might be achieved most efficiently? I don’t want to be hand-held through making a contribution to do… Read More »

Adding hundreds of items? By hand???

Scott asks; I’ve got an OSCommerce site … I need to add hundreds of items. Is there a way to simply upload all of them in a spreadsheet of data base of some sort rather than doing each item individually? Easy Populate:,500 Good luck!

Find the value of your stock

Some people (myself included) use osCommerce as a stock-keeping program as well as a e-commerce sales program. There are drawbacks to doing it this way (eg, lack of “nice” reports, accountancy etc), but it’s certainly do-able. A question in the official osCommerce forum went like this; I need a simple bean counting script that will… Read More »

Traffic Lights for showing Stock in osCommerce

The other day a client approached me about a feature which he had seen on a store (not an osCommerce store). To cut a long story short, it showed available levels of stock in a “traffic light” system; More than 10 on hand = green Between 2 and 9 = orange Less than 2 =… Read More »

Making a Test Mirror Site for osCommerce

Barbara asks; I was asked to transfer the oscommerce site I’ve been working on to a different server and to create a “test mirror site”, where we could change pages, change PRODUCTS and get ready for a new season, so that they could test it and see the new version of the site live and… Read More »

Twitter Twit…ter osCommerce

My Twitter page is at if anyone would want more regular updates of what I do during the day. Twitter is perfect for short soundbites, different to a blog or a forum.

Show Shipping Method elsewhere on invoice.php

In the standard osCommerce invoice page, the shipping method and cost is shown in the order_totals, as below; You can see that this order used “Flat Rate (Best Way)”… On the official osCommerce forum, Tony asked; I wish to add the shipping/postal method selected during checkout as part of the delivery label. Does anybody know… Read More »

osCommerce v3 and Thrashbox

Thrashbox is a css way to create great looking boxes. You can view the homepage and a load of reading material at Enjoy! It’s really simple to get this effect into osCommerce, image below; Look good, don’t they. All you need to do id be using the “default” layout of osc v3 (not the… Read More »

Should I use the new v3 osCommerce?

Ellie asks; …finally version 3 of osc is available, so should I upgrade my existing store? That’s kind of a tough question, as the new v3 osCommerce is much better than previous versions of osCommerce. It’s leaner, meaner and faster. The codebase is changed a lot from the previous versions… However, this update has caused… Read More »

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