Monthly Archives: June 2009

SEO Urls 5 by FWR Media & HT SEO 3 by Jack MCS

Today I had a client who needed HT SEO installed on a site – no real problems as it’s a nice contribution that is well maintained by Jack MCS. However this client is running a Template Monster template, which, as we all know, is the epitome of crap coding… However, the installation was made. To… Read More »

Claudia’s struggle with osCommerce

Found a good blog that has made my bookmarks – Struggle With osCommerce – the blog of Claudia van Dijk who is a Stock Photographer who also runs a couple of osCommerce sites. The blog is all about her struggles with osCommerce and is a good read, stick it in your bookmarks as you will… Read More »

Contribution Talk: SPPC 716

The second in my series of getting to know existing contributions. Separate Pricing Per Customer This contribution gives the shopowner the ability to set up “groups” of customers, who have a better price than a normal customer. A typical exampe would be “retail customers” and “wholesale customers”. Wholesale customers would probably have a lower… Read More »

Display Price in two different sizes?

At the official osCommerce forum, Matt asked; How can I get the prices to display with two different sized fonts ie $129.95 You can plainly see that he is trying to show the cents in a different way than the dollars. This is very easy to accomplish; Open up /includes/classes/currencies.php Find: [php]if ($calculate_currency_value == true)… Read More »