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Show quantity in cart on each product_info.php page

On the official osCommerce forum, Will asks; Does anyone know how I could had on the product page (product_info.php), near the buy it now button, a line of text saying: You have XXXX units of this item currently in your cart. I didn’t really read the question so gave the advice to use the in_cart… Read More »

Get it right, lazy blogger

Over at “Raw SEO” I stumbled across an article about osCommerce, telling us why osCommerce is a nightmare. osCommerce does have problems and some of them are big ones, but let’s keep perspective on this – here’s my response to this lazy blogger; 1) no separation of logic and presentation True. osCommerce was first conceived… Read More »

One shipping module to control two shipping methods?

I was set a challenge by one of my clients to set up a method whereby he could use just one shipping module, but offer two different methods of shipping… For weights under 5kgs he wanted to use Royal Mail. For weights in excess of 5kgs he wanted to use a Courier Service. Here is… Read More »

New Template Available for RC osCommerce

I spent some time creating a template for RC versions of osCommerce. I’m going to sell this at the same sort of price that Template Monster sell their templates for…but read on to learn how to get this template “at no cost”… Overall Idea of the template look The header area includes; search box language… Read More »

call api in checkout process of oscommerce

Schilt asks; Dear Sir, how do I go about to solved below problems ?…thank you in advance Fatal error: Call to a member function call_api() on a non-object in /home/ /public_html/shop/checkout_process.php on line 127 call_api() is a function that tells your checkout_process to do something. call_api() is not a standard part of the checkout_process.php file,… Read More »

osCommerce Makeover Service – price increase

My Makeover Service is proving to be a big hit so I am putting the price up from $200 to $250 with effect from today, 1st July. However, for anyone who orders this service until friday, I will charge the $200 price. You can read more about my makeover service. I’m doing 10 or 12… Read More »