Monthly Archives: October 2009

Designing osCommerce, out of the box

Whenever I design an osCommerce site, I try to add in something that makes it look different to other osCommerce sites. 99% of osC sites have the standard header column, content, column footer layout. The next site you build, try doing something completely different. Here’s an idea; 1. remove both the left and right columns.… Read More »

osCommerce help urgent blah blah blah

I suppose I am one of the most well known “helpers” in the osCommerce forum, so I get lots of PMs and emails asking for help. Sometimes I get interesting questions, but most of the time it’s questions that would have taken the asker 5 minutes to Google. Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes… Read More »

Version 6 of Discount Coupons

I’m just in the final testing stages of version 6 of my Discount Coupon System. There are no massive changes from v5, however, the codebase is now much leaner and more integrated – which means even less impact on your osCommerce store. The main change in v6 is that it is now possible to set… Read More »