HTML in osCommerce Product Descriptions

Rob asks;

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the current limitations with HTML in the product descriptions? The reason I ask is that I currently utilize HTML tables within the product descriptions to provide a matrix of dimensions for variations of a common product (length, width, unit weight, etc). Is this detrimental without a special contribution? Thanks.

There are not any limitations, other than the fact that in a new install of osC there is no editor present to allow someone who knows no HTML to insert into the product descriptions. In other words, that person has to learn HTML or use a wysiwyg editor, then copy/paste the HTML appropriately.

There is no detrimental effect to what you are doing. But wouldn’t it be easier to be able to do it all from the product adding screen? There are contributions for this…

The perfect osCommerce

I’d like to throw this open for your comments as to what should be included in an osCommerce package. Here is my suggestions;

Avoiding abandoned carts
1. Reduced checkout
2. Shipping Estimator in shopping cart

Product Details
1. Multiple images
2. HTML in product descriptions

1. SEO Urls

1. Ability to give discount reductions
2. Ability to feature products
3. Ability to track stock per attribute

Let’s hear your ideas please!

Products marked with ***

Janet asks;

what does this mean:
Products marked with *** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.
You can buy them anyway and check the quantity we have in stock for immediate deliver in the checkout process.

This is a warning message to buyers to tell them that the amount of product they are trying to buy is not in stock. It looks like this:

An example of WHEN this shows is;

1. I have 10 DVDs of Courage Under Fire in stock:
2. A customer tries to buy 11 such DVDs

If you wish to actually STOP buyers checking out if you have insufficient stock, have a look in your Admin area, under Configuration > Stock. In here you will find some settings that can be changed appropriately. As an example, if I change “Allow Checkout” from true to false, that same checkout message that you asked about changes to;

As you can see, a different message based upon the setting used in your Admin area.


Exploration of the Admin area is an absolute MUST for anyone new to osCommerce. Without knowing what your store can do as standard, it’s going to be a struggle for you to run – unless you want to pay someone to run it for you!

Update on Hot 100 osCommerce sites

I found some time yesterday to update the osCommerce Hot 100 list. It’s surprising how many Shop Owners let their domains lapse, or just give up entirely. I found one shop had the “whos_online” error showing for over 3 months, which was a bit sad as this was a shop that was using one of my coolest templates.

Anyway, I cut the list down from about 135 to 92 – so there were over 40 stores that were broken, disappeared, not using osCommerce anymore, pretty much standard osCommerce or vote rigging (yes, this does happen, how sad!).

So, as of right now, 1pm on 3rd November 2009, here are the Top 5 HOTTEST osCommerce Stores as voted by you;

1. Lojamac
2. Swedish Hasbeens (one of my personal favourites)
3. Teknosit
4. The Wedding Printer
5. Crazy Bbaby Clothing

Nice work, you 5!

Adding sites to the list

If you know of any outstanding osCommerce sites, please do add them! It takes only a few seconds. All I ask is that any sites added are NOT templates, are NOT standard osCommerce, and do have something special about them (be that the look, or some cool coding or whatever).

Getting your own list for your site

Have you ever thought about adding a list to your own site? It’s a great way to get traffic and repeat visitors – think about it.