Monthly Archives: December 2009

Rename osCommerce Files

Has anyone ever thought about renaming osCommerce page filenames and directory names and other things? This may be a decent way to solve some problems that osCommerce shop owners experience. For many years, my own osCommerce store has had a different name for the product_info.php page, which has lead to greater SEO benefits. But that’s… Read More »

osCommerce Quiz?

An osCommerce Quiz for you to think about; [php] switch (tep_get_zone_code($order->delivery[‘country’][‘id’], $order->delivery[‘zone_id’], ”)) { case ‘HI’: case ‘AK’: $extra_cost = ($cart->show_total() * (13/100)); break; default: $extra_cost = 0; switch ($order->delivery[‘country’][‘iso_code_2’]) { case ‘US’: $extra_cost = 0; break; default: $extra_cost = ($cart->show_total() * (13/100)); } } [/php] And then an extra piece of code like this,… Read More »

New, Used, Refurbished in osCommerce Product Info

Interesting code question posed on the osCommerce forum so I thought it would make a decent blog post; Are there any contributions out there which add product information fields in the admin section so that you can list the product as new, used, or refurbished? Always self code if possible, it’s better and you learn… Read More »

Shipping Cost Per Country in osCommerce

I was tasked to come up with a way to set 2 shipping rates per country, example; UK: 1st kilo of weight = £5.00, subsequent half kilo’s £0.75 USA: 1st kilo = £8.00, subsequent half kilo’s £1.25 and so on, for EVERY country, and EVERY price is different! As every price is different, zones.php nor… Read More »

Expedite Fee in osCommerce

So, you might want to charge an extra amount for shipping “expedited” – especially in the run up to Christmas. At the osCommerce forum someone asked for such, and a number of ideas came up. There are some close contributions, eg “gift wrap” (renamed appropriately of course). My idea was to simply make a copy… Read More »

SEO Urls 5 Pro for osCommerce

This is a new version of FWRMedia’s existing SEO Urls contribution. I’ve been beta teting it for the last few days and between a few users found a couple of issues [nothing major] which should be fixed when the final release is made. The one thing that I really do not like about this module… Read More »

osCommerce London – update

So, having made the decision to meet up at London for the osCommerce public meeting, my first task was to book train tickets as there’s no way I’m driving! With that done, and quite cheaply too I might add, I then had to decide on the logistics of getting from my place to the train… Read More »

osCommerce London

Friday 11th December. London osCommerce Public Meeting. If you can make it, it would be great to meet anyone who uses or develops osCommerce. You can read more about the osCommerce London meeting here.