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Only 1 product at a time in osCommerce

Over at the official osCommerce forum, someone asked about the possibility of only allowing a buyer to select 1 of each product.  My answer was to amend the display of the shopping cart and the shopping cart class… It’s fairly easy.  What I am going to show you is amending the display using HTML and… Read More »

Sage Pay in RC3 osCommerce

Looks like Sage Pay is finally been added to the core code of osCommerce for RC3.  Sage Pay was formerly known as Protx, and it is (and has been) the best 3rd party providers of Card services for the small merchant. You can read more about Sage Pay at their page on the osCommerce website;… Read More »

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Action Recorder in RC3 osCommerce

Just looking at what is 99% of RC3 osCommerce, and found an interesting new feature called “Action Recorder”. What this does is record the actions of people using your store. For starters, the “Tell A Friend” and “Contact Us” forms are integrated… This shows the admin area for setting the number of minutes by which… Read More »

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More osCommerce Breadcrumb funkiness

I really wanted to try out a menu system that I found online, in osCommerce. The menu system is the one at Izzy Menu…and integrating it into osCommerce was fairly simple. The code from the Izzy site is quite straightforward, so I simply used it on the breadcrumb osCommerce function. You can see the results… Read More »

Really interesting osCommerce project

I just completed a really interesting osCommerce project. I gave a shop a makeover based on the clients PSD file – easy enough. Then I had to change the way that the products display. 1. remove the product_info.php page entirely 2. create a new products module to display product_info in the index page or the… Read More »

Coupons with Category Exclusions

I had a client who really needed the possibility of excluding some products from the coupon discount system. After some thinking we came up with a way to exclude whole categories from being discounted. I’ll illustrate with a simple example; Category Coffee is excluded from discounts. Category Tea is NOT excluded. We are using a… Read More »

Text Product Attribute in osCommerce

I wanted to make a little experiment to show the possibility of using a small piece of javascript to show the textual input in an osCommerce product_info.php page. Anyone using osCommerce will know that text inputs is not possible in standard osC 2.2 releases, though it will be a standard feature of v3. As I’m… Read More »

Voucher Module for Burts Coupon System

Well, I have had more than a handful of requests for this, so it’s time to think about getting it coded. It was always my intention to do this, but other work of course gets in the way. In order to raise the necessary funds for coding to be started, I’m going to raise the… Read More »

Yes, things are delayed – official from osQuantum

Well, it had to happen. After all the debate and hysteria over the past 12 months from Rhea Anthony et al, over at oscanswers, oscommerce project, osquantum and their supporters and detractors, the official word is that the release of the much vaunted osQuantum is to be “delayed”. That’s a pity as I was looking… Read More »