Monthly Archives: February 2010

Delivery Time in osCommerce

The other day, I was asked about the possibility of including a time selection field in the shipping page of an osCommerce site. A typical example would be a delivery service such as a flower shop. This is very alike my previous code for selcting a delivery date which works well. Basically, all I had… Read More »

Password Masking osCommerce

Quite a while back, I was part of a discussion on a forum (not the osCommerce forum) about Jakob Neilsen’s ideas on password masking. You can read Mr Neilsen’s thoughts here). My idea was that his thoughts are valid, and are based on usability. My opinion is that 90% of users don’t need to have… Read More »

Unique Product Models in osCommerce

Quite an interesting task to set up a method to easily allow the Shop Owner to see if a model name for a product has already been used whilst adding a new product. This type of checking is done a lot for usernames in forums and blogs etc. With a bit of thought, it’s easy… Read More »

More Image Swapping in osCommerce – mouseover

Interesting site build the other day for a client, who wanted a cleanly coded way to upload multiple images per product, then have them change on mouseover of a thumbnail. To enable this, I had to change the admin/categories.php file to alow an extra 7 images in addition to the existing one. That was painless… Read More »

Two prices per product in osCommerce

Had an interesting puzzle presented to me the other day. Basically an osCommerce store owner wanted to have two prices of products. In other words; – the standard price – a “friends and family” price (% reduction) My idea was to simply use a Coupon Code to get the % reduction, then amend the display_price… Read More »

More new goodies in RC3 osCommerce

Looking at the up-to-date version of RC3, and I spy more new things; Ability to change the admin directory name as part of the installation procedure: We’ve all seen the recent eval problem that has been doing the rounds. Changing the admin directory to a completely random name is a great way to help guard… Read More »

Open Source is all about choice

Josh commented; First, thank you for the original 1.12 contribution [of discount coupons]. It is a very simple, and very easy to follow install. I have been reading for hours all over your site, mostly about the contribution, but I tend to go off on tangents when I see other topics of interest (like the… Read More »

Image Swapping based on attributes in osCommerce

I was tasked by a customer to create some sort of image swapping device for a tshirt store. With some thought my idea was to use a piece of javascript based on the attribute selection which updates the image. Then my customer decided he only wanted to upload 1 image rather than multiple images. In… Read More »