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Manufacturers in osCommerce

Yesterday, I was asked to quote on making some changes to the Manufacturer system in osCommerce. At the moment it is quite limited as all you can do is add the Manufacturer Name, Logo and URL. These then show in an infoBox, based on the manufacturer of the product that you are looking at; I… Read More »

osCommerce -> Admin -> Manufacturers -> BUG -> Fixed

I’ve been working on the manufacturers page of the osCommerce Admin section to get some “proof of concept” code working. Whilst working on it, I couldn’t understand why the manufacturers image kept disappearing. On closer inspection I found some buggy code which I have now fixed. Github Commit. Basically, the image was uploading nothing, and… Read More »

Time to update my own osCommerce site

Mainly, my experience with osCommerce comes from helping other shop owners to realise their dreams of running a successful shop. That could be anything from coding up a bespoke shipping module, to supplying a complete osCommerce shop with a bespoke design. Another part of my business involves selling templates for osCommerce. I was one of… Read More »

Using cURL instead of file functions

Some hosts don’t allow the possibility of using the file functions that are built into PHP. A URL can be used as a filename with this function if the fopen wrappers have been enabled. So, if the fopen wrappers are turned off, you have no chance of using an external URL to get information (an… Read More »

osQuantum – is it all over?

Over at the osQuantum Forum, there have been rumblings of discontent based on the lack of updates regarding the release of the osQuantum cart… Today, vGer has posted a summary of where the osQuantum project is, and it’s not sounding good… Leadership (mine) has been lacking. I fully admit to that. I have a long-standing… Read More »

osCommerce Style Sheet? Use Colorzilla Firefox.

Sean asks; I’ve got a bit of trouble with editing the colours in stylesheet.css. I don’t have a problem with hex colours or even putting them into the stylesheet, my problem is I don’t know which bit is which. Is there are a chart or something where I can refer to different bits of the… Read More »

Expedite Fee Per Shipping Method

A while back I posted about a solution to add an expedite fee. It works well, but is available on a per checkout basis rather than on a per shipping method basis. In other words, there is no possibility to say; – if you choose flat rate expedited, that’ll be an extra $5 – if… Read More »

Easiest install ever! FCK Editor

3 steps to installing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for product descriptions in osCommerce. Step 1. Go to and download the latest Editor Release (CK Editor, which has superseded FCK Editor)… Step 2. Unzip it all, then upload the fckeditor folder and all it’s contents to your admin directory.… Read More »

Customer Group? SPPC? Something else!

I have a long term client, whose site has absolutely loads of contributions, including some big ones such as “Quantity Price Breaks Per Product” and many other small tweaks here and there. The client wanted the ability to set up 1 particular group of customers who get charged more than the standard group. Basically a… Read More »