They are at it again…osQuantum

So, over at the osQuantum forum, they’ve obviously decided that simply linking to github is not allowed. Even when the link shows how and why to correct a known bug/security issue in osCommerce.

Considering that the osQuantum is now dead with regards to their own release, it is being used by a handful of people to get help with osCommerce – quite why they won’t/don’t use the official osCommerce forum is anyones guess.

Anyway, if links to github cannot be posted at osQuantum, then how are these few people receiving proper help? It’s quite sad, really 🙁

Been updating RC3 osCommerce

Over the past couple of days, I’ve taken the basic RC3 that’s available on github and added some contributions and other code to it. So far, so good.

My own code (in other words, avoiding pre-made contributions);

1. Coupons v6 – blogged about a couple of days ago. Found 1 small incompatibility, but this was soon fixed.

2. Banned Customers – enable the Store Owner to easily ban customers. No bugs.

3. Featured Products – Store Owner can select products to feature in a new feastured product for month box in the category and front page.

4. Four extra product images – extra images are always good. I linked this to jQuery Fancybox. Bug found as RC3 uses incorrect doctype. Fixed easily by using correct Doctype! HPDL aware.

I then added some pre-made contributions;

A. FWR Medias KissMT Header Tags. Adds meta tags and a few other meta bits and pieces. RC3 comes with it’s own solution to this, but KissMT is better. Easy install, no bugs. I particularly wanted to avoid Jack_MC’s Header Tags SEO as it is not as nicely coded as KissMT.

B. osCThumb. Makes thumbnail images using GD library. No bugs.

I will next be adding some of the security stuff that is found in the osCommerce forum and Contributions.

Anyone else have ideas for MUST HAVE contributions to roll into this? Also, if you want to keep a closer eye on my progress, hit me up on twitter @osc_pro