Monthly Archives: May 2010

vGer stands down I cannot continue as head of the osQuantum Project but have to stand down and let the rest of the team take over. I am sure they will do a better job than I have been doing since last year.

Date Bookings in osCommerce, using jquery

We finished up a very interesting project the other day. The client basically required a way to link dates to individual products, thereby allowing his customers to select a date as an attribute. Really very easy, if you think about it. Just add the dates as options then apply to each product as required. Then… Read More »

Horizontal Menu in osCommerce

I recently found a new contribution that creates a horizontal menu in osCommerce, it can be found here. I tried an install, and here is how it looks; Ugly in the extreme, and simply does not work – I didn’t have the time to debug it unfortunately. What is supposed to happen is a mouseover… Read More »

Making an EZ Banner Script…

osCommerce comes with banner functinality already, but it’s not the greatest system out there. Certainly useable though. I was tasked to come up with a system which would allow the site owner to maintain a hands off system of linking a banner to a product or category or page in osCommerce. The customer did not… Read More »