Monthly Archives: July 2010

You already purchased this item…

In some shopping sites, I think it’s a good idea to show people the items they’ve already purchased. In osCommerce, this is standard and is known as the “perviously purchased” infoBox. Which is good enough for most stores – but what if your store sells products that are very cheap and people might accidentally buy… Read More »

Uber Hacked osCommerce Site

This week has been one of those weeks that has been absolutely non-stop for osCommerce work. One of the more interesting jobs was to lockdown an osCommerce site that had been the subject of a hack. As usual, I cleaned the site of the hack, then made a few core code adjustments and installed a… Read More »

HAZMAT Handling Fee in osCommerce

This morning I came up with the code to enable HAZMAT Handling Fees in osCommerce. My idea was to allow the Shop Owner to set individual products to be “Hazardous” or not. If they are Hazardous then a Handling Charge is introduced at the checkout_confirmation page. Step 1 was to create the extras needed in… Read More »