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osCommerce 2.3 to be released imminently

After the announcement a few days ago, I think that we should see the final release in the 2.x cycle of osCommerce. I’m hopeful that there will be no more editions of osCommerce 2.x and that full attention will now turn to osCom3.0 (the 3 cycle of osCommerce). Over at github, action has been fast… Read More »

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osCommerce Freelancers Forum

I just set up a forum where users of osCommerce and those people who sell osCommerce based services can interact. I don’t know if it’ll take off, but it seems a shame to not have a way to get hold of an osCommerce professional. Check it out at Get an osCommerce Freelancer. Hopefully it’ll be… Read More »

Interesting osCommerce Project – firearms

Just quoting on an interesting project to develop a module that allows the shop owner to sell firearms. I am unaware of countries that allow the sale of firearms (other than the US) and I am not from the US so have no real idea how it works, so I’ll try to keep this post… Read More »

Should osCommerce use a Templating System

Interesting conversation ongoing at the osCommerce forum. Some people for, some against. On the one hand the beauty of a monster mess of code that is osCommerce means that it is possible to do anything you want with it if your skill level is suitable. On the other hand separation of logic from presentation is… Read More »