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osCommerce 2.3 – adding currencies is easy!

Adding a new currency in 2.3 version of osCommerce is now incredibly easy. Go to your admin area > localization > currencies; On this page, you’ll likely see “US Dollars” and “Euro” installed. To install a new currency, click the [+ New Currency] button, and you’ll see a number of input boxes ready for the… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Total Revenue Dashboard

Here is something new and cool in 2.3 – the Total Revenue Dashboard. This is an Admin Dashboard module showing your total revenues over the past 30 days; As you can see this keeps a running total of the order values made on a day by day basis over the past 30 days. If you… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Store Logo

Another new feature of 2.3 is the ability to easily change the Store Logo. As most users will be aware, the logo on a new installation of osCommerce looks like this; Now it’s “easy” to change the logo… Enter your admin area and go to configuration > store logo, you’ll see an uploading page that… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Social Bookmarks

Another new feature of 2.3 is the “Share Product” buttons which appear on each products information page; Each of these buttons links to their respective sites to allow anyone browsing your shop let their friends and followers know about your product. As an example, here is what happens if the “twitter” button is clicked; As… Read More »

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Version Checker in osCommerce 2.3 (aka rc3)

Not quite sure why this feature made it into the osCommerce 2.3, as I thought that 2.3 was to be the last in the 2.x series of osCommerce. With 3 being impossible to upgrade to, and 2.2rc2a with contributions being hard to upgrade to 2.3, it seems a redundant feature. But it’s worth explaining; In… Read More »

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Fancybox AND image swapping in osCommerce

One of my very good clients came to me with an example website where the website had 3 or 4 different product images. These product images could be mouseovered to change a slightly larger image, and they could be clicked on to popup a much larger image. Well, I’d done both these things before, but… Read More »

osCommerce buttons in 2.3 (aka rc3)

You might have noticed the cool new buttons that are pre-installed in the new version of osCommerce. These are powered by javascript (using jquery) – the default theme looks like this: You can see that some buttons are plain (add to cart button in the image), and some are bold (write a review). With javascript… Read More »

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osCommerce rc3 – installation is super simple

The installation is very similar to rc2 and 2a. Just follow the steps provided. The first screen also gives a summary of whether osCommerce will work on your server: If any of the items here has a red cross (unless they are optional), then osCommerce will not work. Contact your hosting provider! If all looks… Read More »

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Fraud via Shipping / Billing Address

One of my clients noticed that he was getting a bit of fraudulent activity via the changing of shipping and billing addresses, and came to me for a solution. My initial solution was simply to set the “max number of addresses” to zero – meaning that only the address used during the creation of the… Read More »

List of Product Ordered for seasonal promotions

At the osCommerce forum, Heather asked; What Im basically looking for is a list of customers against what products they ordered, some of my products are seasonal, and I want to be able to email the customers that bought them last year to remind them that they are in stock again. Ideally: Product + Customer… Read More »