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Google Breadcrumb Links for osCommerce

Recently, a reader of clubosc, “Snowbird” brought up an interesting diversion based on one of my previous posts about changing the breadcrumb in osCommerce. I did not know that Google sometimes shows breadcrumbs as part of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), like so; The breadcrumb part is the bottom line (in green). Note that… Read More »

Images, breadcrumb, osCommerce

My friend Paul recently asked about how to have images in the usual osCommerce breadcrumb…I answered it as a comment to a very old post in this blog, but thought it deserved it’s own post. So… Step 1. Make yourself a “home” graphic and an “arrow” graphic, save them into the usual osCommerce images directory.… Read More »

Hostdime and osCommerce

Good Afternoon, UPDATE: This email pertains to clients on Shared/Reseller servers who are currently using osCommerce. We have seen a dramatic increase in attacks against osCommerce installations in recent months. There are several severe unpatched vulnerabilities for osCommerce. There has not been a stable release of osCommerce since January of 2008. The osCommerce project appears… Read More »

osCommerce Hot 100 update

Spent some time yesterday updating the Hot 100 list to authorise the sites added over the past few weeks. A total of 40 sites were added to the list of which; 13 were good enough for inclusion 12 were template monster and so not added 10 were osCommerce, but had no attractive features and so… Read More »

How to download osCommerce 2.3

It’s not at all straightforward and this is because Github recently changed the way that downloads works. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click the grey (blue when you mouseover it) button; Up pops the download box; Step 3: Click the [Download .zip] button on the popup. Step 4: Save it on your hard… Read More »

osCommerce 2.3 – hidden modules

Well, not exactly hidden, but not straightforward to understand that there are files that you cannot see via the admin area. The new look way to install modules! Take for example the payment modules. Pre 2.3, these were just in the list waiting to be turned on and off. In 2.3 this has changed, so… Read More »

osCommerce 2.3 to be tableless (well almost)

Latest commit shows osCommerce 2.3 is going tableless (well almost). This is great if the commit remains in the eventual download. That is conditions.php – 12 lines of code. Reduced from 2.2 which is triple that. 66 changed files, with thousands of lines of code updated, removed, added. This commit should absolutely do away with… Read More »

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2.3 and Simple Template System

I just learned that my good friend Bill Kellum is to start work on making the Simple Template System (STS) compatible with 2.3 version of osCommerce. STS is basically a module script that parses information and displays it based on one (or more) template files. It’s a convoluted and not particularly great way to make… Read More »

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Cool Gallery in osCommerce

A customer of mine needed to have a new system for showing images – after a lot of hunting I found a nice jQuery Gallery system called “GalleryView”. After some initial troubles with it, I eventually got it installed on the live site, and this is how it appears; Nice, isn’t it. Well, I think… Read More »

Another Horizontal Menu in osCommerce

I’ve been looking for some more options to create nice looking menu’s in osCommerce using semantically correct “ul” and “li” (with some nested lists) layout. I recently found a very nice one called Menumatic from Green Gecko Design – it took me a fair while to get working in osCommerce, but the end result is… Read More »