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osCommerce 2.3 Core – Multiple Images

The 2.3 version of osCommerce which is due to be released sometime this week now has support for multiple images within the core. This does away with the need to add in an extra contribution to make your products more attractive to potential buyers. The new system for adding product images looks like this (admin… Read More »

osCommerce 2.3 to be released THIS week

A nice quote from Harald positively giving a date by which osCommerce 2.3 will be released; 12th November 2010 at 11:59pm. At last, assuming this promise can be relied upon, we have a date that brings the 2.x series of osCommerce to an end and can now concentrate on 3.x series. Hopefully this will also… Read More »

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Need YOUR help, give me 1 minute of your time!

A plea to all my readers, please take a minute to go to the osCommerce Hot 100…choose 5 stores that you like the look of and give them a good vote. And/or choose 5 stores you hate, vote them down. Trying to get as many votes on this as possible in the next few days… Read More »

Hacked osCommerce… Clueless?

So, you’ve been hacked. Now what? Every, and I do mean EVERY day, I see this question come up in the osCommerce forum or from someone emailing me to ask advice about it. So, here’s the lowdown on what you need to do; 1. NUKE your entire osCommerce site. 2. Restore from a known good… Read More »

Downgrade osCommerce 3 to 2.x

Whilst searching on something entirely unrelated, I stumbled across this page from Tim Boormans at ; What especially caught my eye, was the “osCommerce 3.0 naar osCommerce 2.2 Downgrade migratietool (converter)“. This is a script which will amend the v3 database to a 2.x database. Obviously it can only be used on a… Read More »