osCommerce 2.3 Core – Multiple Images

The 2.3 version of osCommerce which is due to be released sometime this week now has support for multiple images within the core. This does away with the need to add in an extra contribution to make your products more attractive to potential buyers.

The new system for adding product images looks like this (admin > categories.php > add new product);

You can plainly see that you will need a “main image” which is to be the dimensions that you set for the “small image width” and “small image height” (admin > configuration > images). This “main image” is used throughout the osCommerce pages and infoboxes etc (eg, new products for month, bestsellers, products_new and so on).

So, how to add extra images?

It’s pretty simple, just click the +Add Large Image link. I have placed a large arrow by it in this image;

Once clicked, this brings up a new entry in the product adding screen, like this;

In here, you can select the image to be shown. Would suggest to keep these images to a manageable size (say about 6 inches by 6 inches). In addition, you can also insert HTML;

What this will do is show the image you select in the gallery view, and the HTML in the popup. In the image above, the HTML is for a Youtube Video. Nice.

How does it look in use

The thumbnails are auto-created by the gallery script. When you hover over these, the larger image above changes. When you click the larger image, you get a popup which opens the image at it’s proper size. Here’s a video;

Re-Ordering the Images

You can also re-order the images, using the tiny “arrow” button, click on this and hold it to drag the box to it’s new position. Then save your changes and refresh your product page, and your images/videos are in their new positions! Excellent!

Removing Extra Images

To remove an extra image, just click the tiny “trash” button and confirm. Then save your changes.

This is a really nice addition to osCommerce that any shop owner should be very pleased with! Nice work Harald & osCommerce Team!

Need YOUR help, give me 1 minute of your time!

A plea to all my readers, please take a minute to go to the osCommerce Hot 100…choose 5 stores that you like the look of and give them a good vote. And/or choose 5 stores you hate, vote them down.

Trying to get as many votes on this as possible in the next few days so that I can remove some of the more disliked layouts.


If we can have the cream rise to the top, then we can ALL gain inspiration from some of the most beautiful osCommerce shops out there right now.

Hacked osCommerce… Clueless?

So, you’ve been hacked. Now what? Every, and I do mean EVERY day, I see this question come up in the osCommerce forum or from someone emailing me to ask advice about it. So, here’s the lowdown on what you need to do;

1. NUKE your entire osCommerce site.
2. Restore from a known good backup.
3. Lockdown the site so the hack cannot happen again.

Easy as 123.

But, Gary, I’m about to cry because I don’t have a backup…

In this case, you need to determine how much work you have put into your osCommerce site. If it’s plain jane oscommerce with maybe a new logo and a couple of contributions, then the easiest way is to simply carry out #1, then upload a new osCommerce, then carry out #3. If you have done major work in your osCommerce site, then you need to go through EVERY file, line by line to ensure there is no hacker code present. You also need to delete any file that you do not recognise as osCommerce. Then forget #1, forget #2 and carry out #3.

So, Gary, how do you lockdown a site?

Follow the instructions in this thread.

But Gary, I don’t think I can do that, it looks like a big job. I don’t know osCommerce well enough to know what should be there and what shouldn’t…

Pay a professional to do it for you. There are a handful of people on the osCommerce forum who can achieve all this for you, at low cost, and rapidly – within a day, your site can be cleansed and locked down. If you want a recommendation on just who is able to do this, email me.

Downgrade osCommerce 3 to 2.x

Whilst searching on something entirely unrelated, I stumbled across this page from Tim Boormans at directwebsolutions.nl ; http://www.directwebsolutions.nl/oscommerce3.html

What especially caught my eye, was the “osCommerce 3.0 naar osCommerce 2.2 Downgrade migratietool (converter)“. This is a script which will amend the v3 database to a 2.x database. Obviously it can only be used on a newish installation of 3, but as there are barely any extras available for 3 as yet, that’s fine.

I have not used it, but it could be a nice little script for anyone who tries 3, inserts their products and so on and then, sometime later, thinks “no thanks”.

I’ve opened up the readme, which is in dutch;

Deze downgrade migratietool is eenmalige gebruikt door onszelf voor het migreren van een nieuwe installatie door een klant naar de stabiele 2.2 versie van osCommerce. Deze migratietool is dus initieel niet gebouwd voor verspreiding, maar wordt toch gepubliceerd om de essentie ervan

Use as you want, at your own risk? Any native dutch speakers reading could translate, would be excellent.