Monthly Archives: December 2010

Product display in shopping_cart.php in osCommerce

The new 2.3.1 doesn’t look that great in the shopping_cart page when it comes to displaying the products being purchased, particularly if those products have attributes. Here’s how it looks (bear in mind that the attributes chosen in the example add an extra $100 and $50); What this shows is the final price of the… Read More »

Pop Quiz! osCommerce. Lets see how good you are…

So, this image shows a SQL command that I have amended from the original; Can you answer these questions; 1. In which file can the original SQL be found? 2. What add-on have I added to this particular site? Please provide a link to the add-on… 3. What change(s) did I make to the SQL,… Read More »

Lingerie Template for osCommerce 2.3.1

Made a nice template for Lingerie shops, here’s the overall view; And some of the more interesting features… If the cart is empty, the shopping bag is “black”; And if it’s not empty, it turns “green”; And if the shopper places his mouse over the green bag, they see a summary of the cart as… Read More »

Hazardous Materials Surcharge – osCommerce

I have written about this before, but that project evolved into something too complex to be used for anything else other than the client for which it was written. So, when someone else approached me for the same type of thing, it was easier to quote for a rebuild from the ground up – but… Read More »

Reviews Ticker, jQuery and osCommerce

Spent a few moments looking around the net this morning for an easy to install “News Ticker” coded using jQuery. Ended up at the site of Alex Francois who has put together a nice little script that does exactyl what is needed. Here is what I wanted to achieve which is a ticker inside the… Read More »

Another osCommerce Template for 2.3.1

I spent some time over the past couple of days making up a new theme for 2.3.1. I tried to chop up the structure a lot to make it look less osCommercey than a standard osCommerce site. Here’s the overall view; And some features in close-up… New Product boxes These boxes contain more information than… Read More »

Google Chrome and SSL in osCommerce

I only use Google Chrome these day for browsing. But when I am creating a design I also test in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I had an issue the other day when I set up a design I made on localhost to the live server. All went well, until I had to set up the… Read More »