Monthly Archives: January 2011

Coming Soon, Links Manager for 2.3.1

There are a couple of add-ons for managing links, I have tried them and I have not been impressed with any of them. Some are bloated, some have redundant code, some are just plain dangerous when it comes to using them for SEO. All are ugly. My idea is to code up a new system… Read More »

WordPress and osCommerce – Admin 404

I cleaned and secured a osCommerce site the other day which is run in a subdirectory of a hosting account, like so /public_html/shop/. The admin area is at /public_html/shop/admin/ [ actually it’s in a randomly named admin folder, but for the blog post, let’s assume it is at /shop/admin/ ] In the root of the… Read More »

You’ve added XYZ to your cart

For the build I’ve been working on for the last couple of days, a really nice feature is a message that shows when the buyer adds something to their cart. Basically it’s a reinforcement of the action they just took; Let me know what you think. The code is based on the last added product… Read More »

Quick Add To Cart using Product Model

Over the next couple of days, I’ve been tasked to recreate the look/theme of a Magento site, to osCommerce. In addition, I also will port as many of the features as I can (given the complexity of code and time frame). One of the features on the Magento site is a “quick add to cart”… Read More »

Clean and Healthy 2.3.1 Template

Here is another template, ready for purchase… Overall View Logo, Currencies and Languages in the Header Good looking Cart Contents box in the Header Rounded Infoboxes, Category box includes arrow images Nice display of Products in the Product Listing pages Sexy “Payment Images” in the Footer area “More Info” buttons in the Whats New and… Read More »

Column backgrounds in css

So, now that 2.3.1 uses the 960 grid system, we no longer have “trusty” tables to give full depth column styles. Instead we need to create the illusion of columns by using a technique known as “faux columns”. It’s very easy. We know that a typical 2.3.1 osCommerce site is 960 pixels wide, so the… Read More »

Reviews in Product Page?

Just a quick post as I wanted to remind myself to write more on this. Presently working on some ideas for a client, one of his needs is to have the “reviews” adding functionality in the product page. As we know that to place a review the customer MUST be logged in, I decided to… Read More »

102 and counting…

Last week I cleaned a locked down another 4 hacked osCommerce sites – which takes the total to 102 that I have personally cleaned, I suspect there are a few more developers who have cleaned as many if not more. osCommerce is a magnet for hackers. Anyway, of the 102 that I have cleaned, only… Read More »

Remove all Items from Shopping Cart

In this post, I’m going to show you how to add a new button into the shopping cart page that will allow your customers to remove all items from their shopping cart in just one click… In standard osCommerce, each product has it’s own individual “remove” link – which is fine and works well. My… Read More »

Recently Viewed infoBox in 2.3.1

I needed to code up a feature for a client which tracks a visitor “product_info.php” page views to basically show them what they recently viewed. I have to say that although I never thought about it, this is quite handy to have, as I have often been on the point of buying, looked at something… Read More »