Who Just Ordered – osCommerce

I was browsing a site this morning and found a really nice little feature showing “who just ordered”;

You can see it in action on the “Taunton Leisure” website – towards the bottom of the right hand column – I’m not quite sure which ecommerce application this shop is using, I can say for sure that it is not standard osCommerce!

Anyway, I liked that little feature so much that I made the same thing for osCommerce 2.3.1;

I’m not sure if this will actually help with sales, but it goes some way towards making a shop more “interactive” to customers. The only downside I see is that it would be useful only for shops that have quite a lot of orders – after all, I’m sure that shop-owners don’t want to advertise the fact that they get 1 order per month for example!

Let me know what you think? Can you see any way to make this more interactive?