Monthly Archives: February 2011

Backport 2.3.1 images to 2.2

There are loads of multiple images contributions for 2.2, I even made one myself years ago. Since 2.3.1 came out I have been quite impressed with the admin functionality and shop funtionality of the multiple image system – I previously blogged about it here. Last week, a new client (still on osCommerce 2.2) approached me… Read More »

2.3.1 Template – watch as I build…

I thought it might be interesting for you to “watch” a template build as I do it. So what I will do is screenshot every so often so you can see how it is coming on. This is a mockup that I am going to attempt to come close to; After I am finished, I… Read More »

Market Research, please help…

I’m considering setting up an “osCommerce Club” where I would charge a monthly subscription fee. All subscribers would get access to bits and pieces (such as small snippets of code) that I do not release publicly – as well as one “large” contribution (eg a template, or a module like that “article manager” I blogged… Read More »