Monthly Archives: March 2011

Interesting Project – File Uploads

Finished up another interesting osCommerce project this week, which involved allowing the shop owner to put a “flag” on a product. This flag determines whether the product requires interaction from the customer in terms of an upload (think in terms of an image for a printed t-shirt). Step 1 was to add in the flag… Read More »

Tabbed Information in the Product Info page

Sometimes it is desirable to split blocks of information up, to make it more readable. A good example would be a product that needs “technical specs” – example. In osCommerce there is only 1 input box for the products description – so we need to think a way to separate the inputted information. I was… Read More »

Stock Taking, jQuery, Reporting

Last week a new client approached me to help out with an admin function within her site. Here’s the basic idea; Each Order received has a tickbox by the product: The tickbox would update an entry in the database to state whether the product is “in stock” (1) or “out of stock” (0). The system… Read More »

Shipping Prices per product (for two regions)

Anyone got an idea on how to do this? I’ve never used the “multi geo zone” shipping mod so not 100% sure if it would work well… Basically: UK Product A shipping = £2.50 Product B = £1.99 and so on Rest of the World Product A shipping = £4.20 Product B = £4 and… Read More »

My site is live – good? bad? indifferent?

After well over a year, and then ditching the work, restarting, using 2.2, then trying 3 and eventually settling on 2.3.1…I am pleased to announce that my own osCommerce site has been freshened up and is online! Have a look at – it’s far from finished, but the basics are there. Interesting Features Mega… Read More »

My osC site – create_account.php

In my own oscommerce site, that I have been working on for about the last year as time allows, I decided to do away with the need for the clients address. I don’t need the address details as I sell only intangible products such as scripts and templates… So, I have been locally testing a… Read More »