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Customers Who Bought This…

I was approached by a new client who uses osCommerce both as a shop and as a sort of “community”. What this client wanted was a way to show who had bought each product… Step 1, was to add the ability for clients to add an “avatar” as part of the create_account process. Step 2,… Read More »

Shipping Prices per product (for two regions) UPDATE

The project I started on for a client (read a bit here), worked well. The client came back to me with some extra requirements, namely; 1. Give each product an “extra cost” per region. To be used when people order more than 1 item, thus a widget costing $5 for postage with an extra fee… Read More »

How To Install osCommerce v3

Pre Pre Step 1 Set up an empty database, ready for use. Download osCommerce v3. Pre Step 1 Click the “New Install” button. Step 1 Insert the values for the Database connection. Press “> Continue” button. Step 2 Insert the values for the Store. Press “> Continue” button. Step 3 There is no step 3,… Read More »

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osCommerce 3 (aka oscom3) – not for public consumption

I’ve had more than a handful of requests to update existing shops to the upcoming osCommerce v3. I’ve turned them all away on the basis that 3 needs time to grow before it is used on a real shop. Let me say that again in more clear english; osCommerce v3 is NOT suitable for use… Read More »

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