Monthly Archives: May 2011

Bundle Products 2.3.1

In response to an idea from a long-standing customer, I’ve been working on a system that allows the Shop Owner to make a product that is made out of other products. Imagine for example, a shop that sells plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups, glasses – and they want to sell a “bundle” of those as… Read More »

Home Delivery Shipping Module 2.3.1

One of my good clients contacted me to see about having coded a shipping module that; – available for DK clients only 1 – available only to certain postcodes within Denmark (those near the customers real shop, to be delivered by car) 2 – ability to add further away postcodes at a higher price 3… Read More »

Sorting Options and Attributes in 2.3.1

Yesterday, a new client approached me to ask if I could provide a way (in 2.3.1) to sort Product Options, and the Attributes of those Options. Well, it’s not rocket science to do this, so came up with a solution. Needed; 1. An easy way to sort Product Options 2. An easy way to sort… Read More »