Monthly Archives: July 2011

Database interrogation using PHPMyAdmin

Although I have not logged into the osC forum for a few weeks, I have been directed to a number of threads where users are wanting help. I’ll log in the forum sometime soon. In the meantime, someone for whom I have previously done some consulting asked this; I need to run an SQL query… Read More »

Admin Star Rating System

So, got an email from a potential client who wants to be able to make star ratings on a per product basis from within the admin; I will like only myself (the admin or owner of the website) to grade the items that I’m selling with stars or with numbers. Let’s say that i have… Read More »

Ship in Cart Reloaded

Been working quite a bit recently on a site that I performed a “makeover” some months ago. The site owner has been steadily adding in extra things to make the site much more responsive to himself (the shop owner) and the customer – it really is turning out to be a very nice osCommerce shop.… Read More »

Warehouse Pick n Pack

Had email from a previous client yesterday who wanted the ability to list the items ordered for the previous day, but grouped by items. The reason for this is to get the warehouse staff to easier collect the items to be posted. So, instead of a list like this: 1 x dvd-tsab 2 x msimexp… Read More »