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Date and Time Choosing Project

Quoted a new client the other day for an install of the Date/Time chooser for deliveries, but with some added extras, namely; Rule 1. Deliveries can only be selected from Tuesday to Saturday. This took a small function to exclude sundays and mondays from the datepicker display. Rule 2. Delivery slots are available only from… Read More »

CSV Manifest Import to update Orders

Completed this past week a CSV (Comma Separated Values file) import facility which scans through a CSV line by line and updates the order_status_history to add the postage tracking number and sends an email to the buyer to let them know their order has been shipped. The CSV is produced by the dropshipper, so I… Read More »

Template Monster template – project complete

Had a potential client contact me who had purchased a Template Monster osCommerce template. “oh no”, thought I. The client had some good ideas to try to make the template less like a template and more to their own design. The majority of changes took place in the header and footer files (including the template_*… Read More »

osCom 3.0.2 is available

osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.2 is out! Not announced at the osCommerce forum, only on Twitter – seems that the osCommerce forum is not used anymore for announcements. I took the time to install it – it’s very similar in looks and feel to 3.0.1. It is still unusable in real life use (as important modules… Read More »

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Saved Cart? Returning Customer?

I have two clients in particular who come up with really good ideas for their shops. These shops, I believe, will eventually be the standard by which all other osCommerce shops will be measured, they are that good. One of these shops deals with repeat customers a lot, so the owner came up with the… Read More »