2.3.1 Design eBook Supplement – add some candy

In this blog post I’m going to show how to add a dialog “cart contents” popup to the breadcrumb area of the theme made in the 2.3.1 Design eBook.

First of all, I’ll show you a couple of images…

The “cart summary” link in the right hand side of the breadcrumb;

And the Dialog Box PopUp, which is what shows when the link is clicked;

Step 1: Open up /includes/template_top.php


Step 2: Open /includes/header.php

A. Reduce the grid_* by two on both the searchbox and the breadcrumb.
B. Remove the omega from the searchbox
C. Add the following block after the searchbox div:

D. Email me for the new “head cart” module (code doesn’t play nicely in this blog for some reason).

As easy as that. A couple of extra style bits in the user stylesheet and the job is completed.

New osCommerce eBook: Designing 2.3.1 the complete how to

Been a bit quiet here and elsewhere recently, so thought I would make a splash return by writing up a new eBook for oscbooks.com

Designing 2.3.1 – The Complete How To

This eBook takes you on a journey from standard out of the box 2.3.1 to a site which is completely different and very good looking.

You’ll have a primer on the 960 grid system, .css, html, a little bit of PHP. And how it all hangs together in osCommerce…

Not just that, you’ll learn some good tricks of the trade as well as how to make and integrate your own code. I also found a good “slider” powered by jquery, which I show you how to install on your front page.

Here’s the site you’ll make

What you learn while following this tutorial will be invaluable when you come to make your own osCommerce site(s).

Go and have a look at Designing 2.3.1 on oscbooks.com