Must Agree to Terms and Conditions

There are a couple of Terms and Conditions addons floating about, but I decided that none of them were quite suitable for the needs of my latest client.

What the client wanted is three-fold;

1. Have a link in the checkout_confirmation page, which, when clicked pops up the Terms and Conditions for the buyer to read. This popup to also have a “cancel” button which kicks the user, and a “continue shopping” button which allows the user to remove the close the popup.

2. Have a tickbox in the checkout_confirmation, which, when clicked makes the “continue” button appear. In the popup, if the “continue shopping” button is pressed, this tickbox is automatically ticked.

3. Have the Terms and Conditions popup automatically as soon as the checkout_confirmation.php page is accessed.

So, now we know the needs, it is possible to make it happen. I used the jquery modal dialog box to show the info. This linked to the text to make it appear.

Link and Tickbox (no continue button):

When the Tickbox is ticked (continue button appears):

And if the Link is clicked up pops the information:

Remember also, that this information popup is also open by default each and every time the checkout_confirmation.php page is accessed – meaning the buyer must either choose to “continue” [in other words continue to checkout] or “cancel” [log off].

It’s kind of hard to explain, so here’s a video;

Pagination in New Products for (on index page)

In response to an exquiry I decided to have a go at coding up a system of pagination for the “New Product for month” module that is shown on the index page of osCommerce sites.

With a little change in the php code of the module I managed to get it to work;

And here is a Youtube showing it in action;