Monthly Archives: February 2012

Category View: Grid or List?

In the ongoing project that I am working on, the client decided that he would like the ability to choose how each category displays; whether it be a “grid” view, or a “list” view… There are a few older forum posts about this, and some sites have some good examples of something very close in… Read More »

System for assigning products to specifications

Currently working on a modification that allows the shop owner to easily add new “specifications” and then assign products. A typical use for this would be in a clothes shop. Sometimes clothes come in men, women, unisex. My new system would give the ability to have these specifications set out like the manufacturers are, and… Read More »

Minimum Items to Checkout

Was contacted recently by someone who wanted the ability to define a minimum number of items in the cart to allow checkout. The answer to this is very simple; in checkout_shipping.php, use $cart->count_contents() and link that to a tep_redirect back to shopping_cart if the number is not big enough; if ($cart->count_contents() < 5) tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART)); So,… Read More »

Barclays Pingit Payment Module for osCommerce

Earlier today, Barclays bank launched a new “payments via mobile phone” service called Pingit. You can read about it here and here. And the official Barclays page here. Seems like an ideal way to accept small payments for small businesses and personal use. Might force the likes of Paypal and all those other assorted payment… Read More »

Update all currencies by CSV

osCommerce comes with a built in currencies updater which is operated manually and gets rates from “oanda” and “xe” – both of which are well known currency converter sites. In addition, it is possible to manually update the currency rates one by one. For some sites, it is desirable to update prices 10 times or… Read More »