Monthly Archives: March 2012

Choose your own selection project

A guest post from Matt over at – purveyor of chocolate and other goodies. Selecting a bunch of products to create 1 overall product When you need your customers to be able to choose from a variety of products to create one final product to add to their cart, you will find that the… Read More »

Open a different box by default in Admin

Really short post as this is so simple. When you open the osCommerce admin, the “configuration” box is open by default. This is because it is at the top of the boxes list. If you place a different box on the top of the list, that one will be open by default instead. Easy as… Read More »

Sort Shipping Modules by cost

Sorting the shipping modules is simple in osCommerce – just amend the sort order in the admin area. This is fine to do and works well. I was recently approached to come up with an idea to sort the shipping modules based on the cost of shipping. This is much more difficult if the shipping… Read More »

Import Customers

I have been working on a script which imports customers into osCommerce, based on a spreadsheet of customer details. It’s a little difficult as the customer data is patchy and I’ve had to write some custom functions to get the ID of the customers country and so on. The reason for writing this is to… Read More »

Hazmat Module updated for oscmax 2.5

A long time ago I wrote a Hazmat module which allows the shop-owner to add a charge for shipping hazardous material. You can read more on this blog post from over a year ago. At the same time, I recoded it to suit osCmax as a few of my clients use oscMax. At that time… Read More »

Shipping Module powered by CSV

Approached recently to quote for building a shipping module, powered by a CSV file. The CSV file Contains 4 pieces of information; postcode, shipping_cost, amount at which shipping becomes free, courier name The CSV file can consist of thousands of such entries. Shipping Module (Shop) This reads the CSV and outputs the necessary information; Shipping… Read More »

NoIndex Header Tag Module

Sometimes you might want to have Google and other (are there any other?) search engines not show certain products in your site. This is where noindex is worth some value. Have a read of this Google Support page. With that in mind, we know that any page with noindex will eventually be removed from the… Read More »