Monthly Archives: April 2012

Pinterest for osCommerce

Needed to code up a Pinterest Social Bookmark module for a client yesterday… I had a quick look in the add-on area at the official osCommerce site, but found nothing of ‘interest’ – just a broken version that needs removing from the add-on area. I did notice that my friend Matt over at Sweetness and… Read More »

Also Purchased Module AFTER clicking the buy button

I have always been of the opinion that the usual way in which osCommerce shows the “also purchased” is a bit flawed. Usually it is simply shown on the product_info page, at all times – and is a list of other products that buyers have bought at the same time…example. With some thinking, I moved… Read More »

osCommerce Forum opens up to Commercial Interest

It’s been a long time coming but at last the osCommerce Forum has become more open to commercialism in terms of people asking how/where to find developers and for coding projects. This will hopefully be a very good alternative to the usual places that people find coders such as the “lancer” sites and so on.… Read More »

Filter Specifications

As regular readers will know, I made a couple of addons recently that do a good job, namely “Product Specifications” and “Manufacturers Filter“. Both of these work well, and so I wanted to take the next step and combine the two ideas together, so that a shopowner can; 1. Add specifications to products 2. Filter… Read More »

Autocomplete the Search Box

Was reading the jqueryui site the other day and came across an interesting tidbit; autocomplete feature is built in. That got me to thinking, why not autocomplete the search box with the products name; That’s the finished article, and as you can see selects the products name (in the correct language) based on the input… Read More »

Filter Categories by Manufacturer

Every website/makeover I build, I try to do something that I have never seen done before on a osCommerce site. For the latest build I put together a new box module that allows the shopper to drill down the category by manufacturer. If that sounds familiar, it is because it already exists in osCommerce, as… Read More »