Pinterest for osCommerce

Needed to code up a Pinterest Social Bookmark module for a client yesterday…

I had a quick look in the add-on area at the official osCommerce site, but found nothing of ‘interest’ – just a broken version that needs removing from the add-on area. I did notice that my friend Matt over at Sweetness and Light has something similar, but I think that is a separate module that is not “pure” osCommerce…

So, I had to code it up from scratch. As it was for 2.3.1, this version already has some social bookmark modules, so I thought why not make one in the same way for Pinterest.

A short time later;

I’ll take a video of it in action and upload tomorrow.

In the few minutes since I pinned a customers product, it has been re-pinned a few times. If it drives even 1 new customer to the shop, it’s a winner!

Also Purchased Module AFTER clicking the buy button

I have always been of the opinion that the usual way in which osCommerce shows the “also purchased” is a bit flawed.

Usually it is simply shown on the product_info page, at all times – and is a list of other products that buyers have bought at the same time…example.

With some thinking, I moved it into the “you’ve added box“. So that it now looks like this;

So, now the buyer gets the “also purchased” items as part of the action they just took, rather than something which could possibly stop them buying the item they are looking at.

Seems to work very well, and has already been proven to increase sales! If you want/need something similar, email me for a quote.

osCommerce Forum opens up to Commercial Interest

It’s been a long time coming but at last the osCommerce Forum has become more open to commercialism in terms of people asking how/where to find developers and for coding projects.

This will hopefully be a very good alternative to the usual places that people find coders such as the “lancer” sites and so on. Being able to go direct to the forum (of the software you are using) has to be a better way to find a quality developer than using a site where you have no clue what the coder might be doing to your site.

The two commercial forums are for 2.x and 3.x osCommerce, and are protected forums…meaning that the general public can not see topics being posted.

Well done Harald, I appreciate the difficulties in bringing commercial interest to osCommerce – hopefully it will be a great benefit to the community! In the future, possibilities exist to extend this, with osCommerce being able to benefit financially from it. Stay tuned!

Filter Specifications

As regular readers will know, I made a couple of addons recently that do a good job, namely “Product Specifications” and “Manufacturers Filter“.

Both of these work well, and so I wanted to take the next step and combine the two ideas together, so that a shopowner can;

1. Add specifications to products
2. Filter product listings by specifications

So, I set out to do that. In the following examples, assume that there are two Specifications per product; Spec 1 and Spec 2. A product could be both of these, none of these or one of these. There is no real limit to the number of specifications per product, other than usability for the shop owner and the potential buyer.

When a user is on a category listing and that listing has any products with specifications, this box shows;

This box only appears if any of the products in the category being viewed has at least 1 specification.

Next up was to build some SQL that gets the result of the filtering and outputs the filtered list;

With those two smallish changes in place, the system seems to work really well. This is a good way for the customer to be able to filter product listings to better get the product they are looking for.

Also, the codebase was written so that the usual osCommerce sorting mechanism still works (eg, sort by price, name and so on).

In action

For the future

A way to filter based on multiple specifications; show me products within category X that have both Specification 1 and Specification 3, but not Specification 2.

Autocomplete the Search Box

Was reading the jqueryui site the other day and came across an interesting tidbit; autocomplete feature is built in. That got me to thinking, why not autocomplete the search box with the products name;

That’s the finished article, and as you can see selects the products name (in the correct language) based on the input of the box.

With some thinking, I was able to write a tiny background script to grab the results of a MySQL search based on the keyword in the input box. It took me a half hour to realise that the autocomplete feature sends $_GET[‘term’] – so watch out for that!

I then added a class to the search input box, and joined the jquery trickery to it;

And here is a video of it in action;

I was going to add it to the add-on’s area of osCommerce, but when I got there I found almost the same thing already made, so I did not bother (as you can plainly see in the image/video that it is made on a clients site meaning I would have to re-do it for a basic 2.3.1). Might as well just use the existing one, unless anyone really really wants my version

Filter Categories by Manufacturer

Every website/makeover I build, I try to do something that I have never seen done before on a osCommerce site. For the latest build I put together a new box module that allows the shopper to drill down the category by manufacturer.

If that sounds familiar, it is because it already exists in osCommerce, as a dropdown in the category pages;

What I did was rip the functionality out of the index page, and put it into a box module (and gave it a bit better style). I also tried to make it more intuitive by adding text reminding shoppers that they have set a “filter”;

And here is a video of it in action;

Let me know what you think. Happy to hear any ideas for making it better.