Monthly Archives: May 2012

Get Order Status without logging in…

A nice idea by a client of mine is to have the ability for a customer to insert their order number and email address into a form, which then shows their “order status”; And the information is presented, without a new page load; This idea is something that I have not seen done before. It… Read More »

A new look

I decided to open up the blog to carts other than osCommerce. I work quite a bit with other osCommerce forks such as Zen Cart and particularly osC Max – so why not be a bit more responsive to users of those. The main emphasis will still be osCommerce. As I am opening up the… Read More »

Add Math Protection to contact_us.php

This morning I was contacted to see about adding a question to osCommerce just like I have on this blog – where I ask a math question…I was going to suggest using Google recaptcha service, but the client did not want that. And so… Adding a question such as “what is 3+5” cuts down on… Read More »

JavaScript Off? Check your site…

Some people, myself included, browse websites with .js turned off. If I need to access a sites javascript features I can easily make an exception on a site by site basis. What this means is that 90% of sites I visit do not work, or work but look awful. For example, visiting any blogspot blog… Read More »