Monthly Archives: June 2012

Project for today 28 June 2012

Today and tomorrows project is to fix up a shop that a developer upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3.1. Lots of little things are broken and these all need to be put right. In addition the site owner has some other things that need attention which the developer could not handle. In general, I need to… Read More »

osCmax – Fuzzy Search

The other day I coded up a “Fuzzy Search” function for osCommerce. One of my clients on osCmax wanted the same, so with a few changes (to accomodate the crap & outdated & bloated code in osCmax2.5.2) it is now done; Searching for Matrix (did they mean Matrox ?); Searching for Matrox (did they mean… Read More »

Making the Search Function more useful

Some time back I attempted to make the osCommerce native search function a little more useful by coming up with code to allow the search result to offer alternatives if the product being searched for cannot be found. My idea was in case of mis-spellings. I gave up as I could not get much of… Read More »

New Gallery style for osCommerce Product Page

One of my clients needed a way to present products in more of a gallery style, utilisinig a thumbnail and popup full size to fancybox. The usual way for showing a gallery (that is products with more than 1 image) is like this; The thumbnails are auto created, and the user can rollover them to… Read More »

Groupon Payment Module for osCommerce

Was contacted late last night for an urgent task which was to create a payment module which has the ability to accept a Groupon Voucher and PIN code. Once I started thinking about it, I realised that a payment module is probably not what was required, and what is required is a discount module. But… Read More »

Project for today 13 June 2012

Todays project was pretty hardcore, as part of an overall larger project that is ongoing. Client sells a range of products that need to be treated in different ways (particularly for postage)… In essence, the products are either “live” or “dry”. Think in terms of a product such as live Coral, or a dry product… Read More »

The Buying Funnel

A bit of a conversation yesterday in the comments of my last post, which hopefully sparked something off in readers of the blog… As shopowners, we surely exist to sell products. Nothing more and nothing less. If that is the case, then I pose a question to you all; What are you doing to ensure… Read More »

Project for Today 11 June 2012

Todays project is a “to do” list of small changes on a clients site. These range from simple 2 minute things such as changing some language defines to larger modifications like adding (my version of) SEO Meta Tags / Description. In all, it’s about a days work and will be good to revisit a shop… Read More »

Related Products in osCommerce

My next project (which is to be done at some point before the end of the coming weekend) is to implement a system of “related products”. There are loads of already made addons that can relate one product to another and so on… But none of them are good enough to put into my clients… Read More »