Filtering Multiple Specifications

Regular readers will remember that I posted up a system of adding specifications to products, which are then filterable in the category structure (eg, show me products that have a specification of “blue” in this category). Read more.

In that post, one task for the future was;

A way to filter based on multiple specifications; show me products within category X that have both Specification 1 and Specification 3, but not Specification 2.

Pleased to say that this is now done, and looks like this:

So, the products within the category can have any, or all, or none of those 3 specifications “red”, “green”, “blue” – obviously you can have an unlimited number of different specifications and each product can have multiple specs attached to them. When the user ticks (for example) the “blue” tickbox, the product listing shows only those products that have the “blue” specification. The user can then also tick the “red” box and the listing shows those products that have “blue” spec and those that have “red” spec.

A nice little system for adding a layer of specifications and allowing the potential buyer to easier find what they are looking for at your site.

No JS Header Tag Module

A couple of months back I posted about the need to tell customers that they are browsing with .js off and so some functions of the shop may not work. Read more:

I placed the code into my Github, so that anyone who needed it could easily take it. In the osCommerce chat the other day, the subject came up, and I looked at this again and decided it would be nicer code in a header_tag module, so that the individual shopowner can decide whether to turn it on or off easily.

It now exists as a header_tag module at my Github.