Monthly Archives: October 2012

How to show more categories of a linked product

In osCommerce, there is a mechanism by which a product can exist in multiple categories. It’s the “copy to” functionality on the product adding/editing page in admin. Obviously, the “copied” product needs to be LINKED (not DUPLICATED) as a linked product has the same ID as the original product whereas a duplicated product gets a… Read More »

Introducing a dedicated osCommerce Email Support Service

After much deliberation and asking many questions of my clients and potential clients, it’s come as no surprise to me that there are a number of business owners who want a more dedicated service than the osCommerce forum can provide. This is where my new Email Support Plan comes into it’s own. The Plan is… Read More »

Individual Shipping Per Product Per Zone

Approached recently by a potential customer who needs to set up a system for charging postage on a per product basis, per geographic zone. This needs to work as a “extra cost” on top of the usual shipping cost. Think in terms of an awkward to send product where you might want to charge $10… Read More »

Update all your prices in one go to 1 cent under the dollar

A customer of mine wanted to update all his prices to 1 cent under the dollar, eg go from 15.80 to 15.99. With 1000s of products that’s an utter waste of time, so here is one line of SQL to use in phpMyadmin; UPDATE `products` SET `products_price` = (ceil(`products_price`)-0.01); What this does is set the… Read More »

Reorder the same

In osCommerce there is native functionality that allows the person to reorder on a product by product basis – it’s the bm_order_history infobox. It pretty much lists the last few products ordered and has a clickable link which either adds the product to the shopping_cart, or goes to the product_information page to allow to select… Read More »