Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nice and easy modification for a beer

A person searching for a way to ensure unique data came across this post which I made for a client a couple of years ago. Within 20 minutes, that new client had paypal’d me a couple of beers, I had installed the modification, tested it and tweaked it a little ready for him to use.… Read More »

How to Add a New INFORMATION page in osCommerce 2.4

How to add a new information page (like for example, the conditions page). 2.4 brings a new structure to osCommerce, and the base code is still being worked on – hence, this post might change when 2.4 is officially released. I’ll make sure I update it if I need to. Step 1. Add the link… Read More »

Sneak Preview of GREY theme

Here’s the latest template which is now complete: This is a grey theme, perfect for any shop that is all about showing off the product and not showing off the look of the store. Of course, any aspect of the design can easily be changed to suit individual stores. I’ll be updating the free choice… Read More »

Challenges on the osCommerce Forum

Quite often, in the osCommerce forum, I state my idea about something and am usually challenged by someone or other to show that what I have said can be done, can be done. I must admit that sometimes what I come up with in theory, cannot be done as easily in practice. Here’s a couple… Read More »

osCommerce 2.4 – intense work ongoing for 30 days

Here’s a sneak peek of 2.4 in action As you can see, it looks very much like the 2.3 series, but under the hood it is a different beast. 960 grid has been removed in favour of Bootstrap and Stylesheets are LESS. Codewise, the system will be “App” controlled and pages will have Controllers &… Read More »

Sneak Peek of Latest FREE template

Here’s a sneak-peek of the latest template available free of charge to the buyers of the eBook; Let me know what you think. I’ve still some work to do in the footer area, and on the product_info page. As well as some general cleaning up here and there. There will also be a “grey” template… Read More »

Comments are now powered by Disqus

As I have been getting so mcuh spam lately, I have updated the comment system to Disqus. I’ve queue’d the existing comments for addition to Disqus which is why they are not presently showing. It takes upto 24 hours for the comments to be inserted in Disqus.